Which hat to choose according to the shape of your face?

The hat is the ultimate accessory to enhance our winter looks and protect you from the cold in style. But how do you choose between a retro cap, a French beret, a trendy bob or even a wide-brimmed hat? We help you find the perfect model as per your face shape.

If choosing the right hat is obviously a question of taste, personality and style, it is also a question of facial morphology. Are you convinced that you don’t have a “hat head”? Think again: you just haven’t found the model that best suits you yet. You can buy hats at a cheap rate by visiting Wholesale hats.


Looking for the perfect hat to spend the winter with a warm head? Observe your face’s structure, is it rather elongated, square, round, heart-shaped or oval?


Do you have a long, slender face, with a large forehead or an elongated chin? Wear a bowler hat to soften your features or opt for a wide-brimmed model, such as the floppy hat or fedora hat, which gives balance to the face. Wear your hat straight and well pressed to break the height of the forehead. This season, absolute crush on the felt hat, which brings a sophisticated touch to any winter look. To wear with a nice pair of boots or rubber boots , another “must-have” of the season.

We take the example of: Sarah Jessica Parker, star of Sex and the City, who wears the fedora hat with class!


Do you have a broad forehead and an angular jaw? Turn to rounded pieces like the bowler hat, cloche hat or beret to soften your features which tend to be a bit harsh. And if they are too classic for your taste, swap these models for a streetwear-style bob, ultra-trendy this year. There is even a “sheepskin” version, to keep the ears warm.

We take example on: the main actress of the Netflix series Les Demoiselles du Téléphone , Blanca Suárez, and her winter bob is right on trend.


If you have a rather round face (as long as it is wide), let yourself be tempted by the more angular shapes: the borsalino, the bogart and the fedora in a good chic style will suit you perfectly. The same goes for the sailor-style cap, which fits you like a glove. Worn over your loose hair (to bring verticality to the face), the Parisian beret will highlight your pretty little round cheeks without thickening them.

Take for example: model Gigi Hadid and her adorable sailor-style cap matching her winter poncho.


Do you possess a rather broad forehead, a thin and pointed chin as well as high cheekbones? Balance your face with a pretty capeline whose wide edges will highlight the rounded shape of your features, a timeless and elegant shape that enhances any look.

We take the example of: Meghan Markle and her cape-style hat, worn on the occasion of the Anzac Day commemorations, in April 2018.


Are your cheekbones a little wider than the width of your forehead and your chin is a bit elongated? You got an oval face. Perfectly balanced, in length as in width, this face morphology allows you to wear almost all shapes of hats. Follow your desires!

We take the example of: the pop star Rihanna, who wears both the sports cap and the sophisticated hat. Lucky!