Laser marking for precision marking on metal & plastic

We offer laser engraving for precision marking on the surface. Our services include durable and quick marking technique. We offer laser engraving on metal, plastic, and industrial parts, ideal for managing increments and variable fields such as manufacturer’s plates.

The technical principle of laser engraving:

The Laser engraving is carried out by burning the material, which is also called “carbonization”. The high intensity beam burns the material on the surface. The marking is obtained by contrasting the original color of the material and that obtained when burnt by the laser beam. The etching result is therefore different depending on the material used.

Laser marking can also be carried out by removing material, a technique known as “by ablation”. The process consists of using a multilayer material (bi-layer plastic or even aluminum with an anodization layer, for example). The laser removes the top layer of material to reveal the tint below.

Laser engraving is used both on metals (aluminum, stainless steel) and on plastics. It is also used for marking on customer parts.

The advantages of laser marking:

-Quick and durable marking on all media.

-High precision laser engraving on metal or plastic , suitable for both detailed and small format markings.

-A technique adapted to the management of variables and increments , ideal for technical plates, manufacturer’s plate and CE, tare plate, etc.

Fields of application:

Laser engraving on metal and plastic is widely used in the industrial marking sector for the production of technical plates, regulatory or identification plates. It can meet marking needs on mechanical parts. Modern Marking recommends laser engraving  on metal for the manufacture of manufacturer’s  plates and inventory plates comprising alphanumeric variables and bar codes (1D or 2D).

Laser marking also finds its place in the communication sector, particularly for brand plates, tokens and event marking on metal.

The variety of end products created using a large format laser engraving system are as wide and imaginative as one would hope in this ever changing and growing industry.

Today this technique is democratized, but we remain at the forefront of its evolution by being among the only ones to offer large format C02 laser engravings.

From the personalization of mobile devices to that of a showcase, including the floor, our technical department can meet all your large format laser engraving requests.

The most widely used CO2 laser on the market can cut and engrave on a wide variety of materials. It allows you to make very fine and detailed engravings on wood, acrylic, leather, fabrics or even different plastics such as plexiglass (pmma).

100% natural solution, laser engraving does not add material to the engraved surface. There is therefore no chemical risk, and unlike techniques using inks or vinyl films, there is no environmental impact linked to the manufacture and transport of the inputs.

Large format laser, many applications

A large format laser can engrave larger materials, an advantage that a sign maker, for example, can take advantage. It also allows multiple items to be placed and engraved on the engraving table, making the marking process more efficient.