What Are the Best Incoterms for Seller on Alibaba?

There are various inconveniences to choose from when selling on Alibaba. This article will discuss the abbreviations for each one. Among them are DDP, FOB, CFR, and EXW. You can use any one that suits your business and preferences. If you’re selling on Alibaba for the first time, you should follow the recommended terms.


DDP delivery is a common method used by many B2B and B2C marketplaces, as well as small-scale business owners and direct consumers. This type of shipping involves air and sea transportation, and both parties must agree on payment details and the destination of the product. 


If you’re a newcomer to selling on Alibaba, you may be wondering which items are best for your business. The answer may be different for different items, but it all depends on how much you expect your sales to grow. There are advantages to both of these terms. Let’s look at two common examples and see how they affect the way you do business.

FOB refers to “Factory on Board.” In this type of contract, you’ll be responsible for transporting your products, including customs clearance. Depending on where you’re shipping to, you’ll be responsible for fulfilling legal requirements in both the importing country and the exporting country. 

Another important consideration is the type of shipping method. If you’re selling items from overseas, you’ll have to calculate the cost of shipping in your local currency. For products from overseas. If you’re selling on Alibaba for the first time, FOB may not be the best choice for your business. It can increase your costs considerably.


When you ship a package to an international destination, CIF terms are essential for both the buyer and seller. The buyer is responsible for paying for customs duties, taxes, and other fees that are applied to the product. The seller, on the other hand, is responsible for procuring insurance for the package. Insurance costs are usually baked into the price of the product, as are transportation costs.

The CIF term is important to sellers on Alibaba. Essentially, it is a contract between the buyer and seller. The buyer and seller agree on the terms and conditions. The buyer must understand the terms and conditions of the CIF contract before negotiating a deal. By reading the trade terms carefully, buyers can avoid buying items with exorbitant shipping costs. 


If you are planning to buy from a seller on Alibaba, you should know how to select the best incoterms for seller to use. You should choose the one that gives you the most control over the shipping costs. Consider your relationship with the seller and your resources.

In a nutshell, EXW incoterms are the best seller on Alibaba. This kind of import only requires the goods to be packed and ready for export. The seller is responsible for the packaging and placement of the goods in a warehouse where the buyer can pick up.

What Are the Best Incoterms for Seller on Alibaba?

The benefits of using this incoterm are clear. First of all, it is easy for sellers. It means that you can follow the production process of your products and ensure the quality. 


The DDU is a popular incoterm on Alibaba that allows for a smoother transaction. This incoterm is used when a seller makes an item available for pick up from their factory. The buyer is responsible for transporting the item, paying for import and export clearance fees, and ensuring the safety of the goods during shipment.

When using DDU, a seller will bundle the cost of transportation and landing together, which serve as a cumulative quotation for all services. The total value of a product will then be quoted as DDP, which stands for delivery + duty charges. As a seller, DDU will give you a much more flexible income than DDP.

DDU is widely used on Alibaba, as it is easier for suppliers to comply with than DDP. It is also the least expensive item and can be used by sellers in any country. The shipping fee is quoted in FOB on the Alibaba website.


If you are looking to sell products on Alibaba, DAP are the best alternatives to choose. They allow buyers to order smaller quantities, making fulfillment faster and easier. Additionally, DAP eliminates the need for buyer’s to wait for cargo from the seller’s origin to reach the destination. In DAP, the buyer is responsible for import duties, taxes, and customs clearance.

What Are the Best Incoterms for Seller on Alibaba?

DAP is the most common incoterm for sellers on Alibaba. It is a global standard and is the best way to ensure that your customers get exactly what they ordered. You can easily find a third party inspection service for your items at the port of export. You can also find a freight forwarder near the port of export to ensure your products are delivered to their destination safely.