TCGplayer: Online Store for Collectible Trading Card Games

Since launching in 2017, TCGplayer has seen tremendous growth. The coronavirus pandemic in 2017 forced many people to stay at home and play games, and TCGplayer grew with it. In 2019, the company opened a new headquarters in Syracuse, New York. The new office has themed walls, including the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter movies, and Mario Bros. video games.

Traders & Buyers of Collectible Trading Cards

TCGplayer is a popular website that connects traders and buyers of collectible trading cards. Its mission is to provide a platform where hobbyists and retailers can easily buy and sell collectible trading card games. This online marketplace has recently been acquired by eBay, the largest online seller of collectible items. The deal will give TCGPlayer the opportunity to expand its catalogue and add more products. The two companies hope to make trading card gaming a global phenomenon.

Syracuse-Based Hobby Stores

TCGplayer was founded by a group of Syracuse-based hobby stores and has grown to become an expansive e-commerce platform. Today, the company develops applications, robotic sorting machines, and inventory management tools to connect hobby stores and online sellers. As a result, the company now has more than 600 team members who are dedicated to growing the business. The company also runs an Authentication Center that verifies the authenticity of collectible trading card games.

Despite the high cost of collecting trading cards, many people have a collection. TCGPlayer has a direct shipping program and an authentication service. This deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023. Despite this acquisition, the company will continue to operate independently. It is the largest marketplace for collectible trading card games. Its goal is to build technology that connects hobby gaming businesses.

NFT Marketplace

eBay is one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces, and this acquisition is yet another example of its aggressive expansion strategy. It has made several acquisitions this year, and this latest one is a perfect example. eBay has recently acquired NFT marketplace KnownOrigin. With the deal, eBay hopes to create more growth verticals for its web3 strategy. So, does the acquisition of TCGplayer make sense for eBay?

Fees & Refunds

TCGplayer credits the selling fee and net proceeds of a sale to your Account. The amount of fees and refunds to buyers are deducted from this account. Your funds will be transferred automatically to your designated checking account each Monday and Thursday. If your payment does not go through on time, you can request a refund of the fee.

There are a variety of reasons why customers cancel their orders on TCGplayer. To issue a full refund, you need to log in to your seller account and click on the Refund button. Then, select the reason for the refund (either buyer’s remorse or non-delivery), the buyer, and any inventory changes related to the refund.

Customer Service

You can request a full or partial refund if your order is not delivered in time. In such a situation, contact TCGplayer Customer Service to discuss your options. The customer service representatives will be happy to help you resolve the issue. Once you’ve made the decision to return the item, you’ll have the option of receiving a partial or full refund. When it comes to ordering online, you can rest assured that TCGplayer is always here to help.

Buylist Program

The Buylist Program is another service provided by TCGplayer. Through this program, Players can sell their products to many Stores. To do this, you must create a Buylist Offer and add your products to the Cart. Once you’re done, you can view pricing and choose products to sell through your Buylist. When you’re ready to sell, deliver the products to TCGplayer. It will verify your products and then deliver them to the Store on your behalf.

Order Fulfillment & Cart Optimization

eBay has purchased TCGplayer, one of the largest digital marketplaces for trading cards. While the company will continue to operate independently, its headquarters will remain in Syracuse, New York. The acquisition of TCGplayer will allow eBay to provide its customers with better omnichannel experiences. The company’s technology will provide eBay with order fulfillment and cart optimization solutions for its trading card business. As a result, eBay will have better tools to help customers buy and sell items:

  • The deal is a good one for card enthusiasts, especially since eBay already provides order fulfillment for many TCG cards.
  • The new partnership with TCGplayer will make buying and selling much easier.
  • eBay has been struggling to meet the demands of its customers, and it has been difficult to compete with eBay’s low prices.
  • It will also help TCGplayer increase its exposure in the market. It will help sellers get more exposure on eBay.

Physical-Store Retailers & Online Sellers

The deal between eBay and TCGplayer is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023. While eBay wants to stay the preferred platform for trading card sellers, this deal should be beneficial to both companies. After the deal closes, TCGplayer will continue operating independently. It’s unclear when this will happen, but the acquisition has a strong potential to boost the sales of both companies. TCGplayer is estimated to have about 600 employees, and it serves millions of hobbyist buyers and tens of thousands of physical-store retailers and online sellers.

How Does TCGplayer Work?

When shipping cards, you want to pack them securely to avoid damage and increase the chances of the card reaching its destination safely. Use a bubble mailer, or some other rigid protection, if possible. You don’t want the cards to flex or move inside the mailer, as this will make it more difficult for TCGplayer to process your order.

Final Words:

TCGplayer’s technology platform will also help eBay improve customer service. eBay has a reputation for providing great customer service, which is especially important when it comes to online sales. TCGplayer offers a wide array of services to eBay users. From customer service to UI and cart optimization, TCGplayer will help the auction site optimize its sales and provide better customer experiences. The new acquisition will also help eBay expand its collection of trading card games read more.