Top 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Freight Forwarder

Cargo transportation and shipping is undoubtedly valuable service. This is why business owners from every industry utilize the benefits of cargo shipment. However, not every business owner is accustomed to the process and requirement of the import and export methods of the goods. Therefore, many marketers use 3PL services, also known as third-party logistics companies.

Freight forwarding services can help your business coordinate both international and domestic shipments. You might find freight forwarding companies that offer full-scale services that will ultimately sharpen every aspect of your business. However, finding the right trusted and responsible company that will handle your shipment carefully is a time-consuming task.

Before you mitigate your risks and enhance the visibility and speed of your shipments, you should know what to ask your freight forwarder. Here are the top 4 essential questions you need to ask your freight forwarder before choosing them for your shipping process.

How Big Is Their Network?

The freight forwarder must have an established and reliable international network. This way they can offer great shipping services for their clients to meet the end-to-end requirement. If the freight forwarder you choose has larger networks, they will be able to meet your requirements and demands without any problem.

Additionally, if you’re shipping door-to-door or domestic shipments, the physical location of the freight forwarder in the country you’re shipping goods will prove beneficial for your company. Make sure the freight forwarder company has reputed agents. Don’t forget to look upon the freight member regulations

Can You Track the Cargo?

This is one of the most essential questions you need to ask your freight forwarder before building a relationship with them. In this modern-day, tracking your parcel is an essential factor. The same rule applies to the shipping industry. Nowadays, most freight forwarding services are going digital as they are offering a 24*7 tracking system for your cargo and shipments. Despite the time and situation, you can always track the real-time location of your shipments.

When you choose a freight forwarder that provides tracking services, you can easily create logistics strategies. Additionally, they will help you fulfill your commitment to the clients and consumers as well as your supply chain.

Can They Help You With Custom Clearance?

Customs clearance is the most important part of the ocean freight forwarding process. This is something that can make or break your shipment. Not to mention, it can also disrupt your whole supply chain.

Most freight forwarding companies will handle the customs clearance for your cargo. However, some freight forwarders don’t offer this service. This means that they will only handle the logistics and transportation of your shipment. In this case, you need to find a separate broker to handle the customs clearance. As per the Management study guide, customs clearance agents are known as forwarding and carrying agents.

What Is Included in the Rates?

The actual rates of the ocean and other freight forwarding services are opaque. Even though many online freight forwarding services are implementing price transparency for their consumers, make sure you ask the freight forwarding company about their rates of container shipping.

For instance, some companies include the custom and documentation-related charges in their fares, but others don’t. Make sure you work with reliable and extensive freight forwarders that offer additional benefits and cost-effective solutions.


These are the top 4 crucial questions you need to ask your freight forwarder. This way you can know the professionalism and reliability of the freight forwarding company. If you smell something fishy, it’s suggested to avoid the particular company.