The Strictest Alcohol Laws Across The U.S.

Reducing your alcohol intake can help you to lose weight and make you healthier, according to the University of Michigan. Fox Business reports that alcohol consumption in the U.S. is at a 30-year-high, so it’s no surprise that some states have stricter laws than others. For example, in Utah, you must order food along with your alcohol if you’re in a bar. But just what other strict alcohol regulations are there across America?


North Carolina’s promotion ban 

North Carolina has some very strict laws in place when it comes to alcohol sales and consumption. Establishments are banned from selling alcohol as part of a promotion, which means there’s no happy hour or two for one deals to utilize. The only days an alcohol deal is allowed is part of a meal offer on New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There’s even one county in the state where alcohol is completely illegal. Graham County hasn’t sold alcohol since 1948. However, this is set to change soon as in November last year a ballot approved sales of alcohol.


Texas’ strict sales laws

Before September 2021, you couldn’t buy beer and wine in Texas on a Sunday until 12pm. This has since changed to 10am. There is, however, still a law that prevents liquor sales at any time on a Sunday. A Texas dram shop law is also in place across the state. This law says that an alcoholic establishment, such as a bar, can be made responsible for a road accident if they over-served a customer who subsequently drove. This is quite a complex area of the law, but Texas isn’t the only state with a law like this in place. 43 other states as well as the District of Columbia have dram shop laws too.


Alaska’s election day rule

Alaska has a voting turnout rate of just over 74%. Officials have an interesting alcohol rule in place to push this number as high as possible; an alcohol ban. Alcohol sales are banned on election day until the polls close. It’s hoped that this will stop drunk people from failing to vote or casting thoughtless votes. Another law Alaska is strict on is drunkenness. It’s currently illegal to be drunk in a bar, so you cannot enter a bar if you’ve already consumed too much alcohol. Similarly, you must leave a bar if you become drunk while there.


Pennsylvania’s tough purchase legislation

Beer is one of the hardest alcohol drinks to come by in Pennsylvania as it’s not allowed to be sold in grocery stores or at liquor stores. Don’t even think about buying beer or any other alcohol from a neighboring state and taking it into Pennsylvania either as that’s against the law too. Even wine and liquor are a little tricky to get hold of as they can only be sold by licensed state-run stores.

There are some very strict laws across U.S. states which make buying and consuming alcohol difficult. No matter how strange these rules are, they are in place to protect residents from the effects of excess alcohol and should always be followed.