Josh Osborne’s BAM University Is Has Launched Thousands of Students into Success

CEO and Founder of Unified Growth, Josh Osborne specializes in business coaching, education, and personal development. His series of businesses underneath the parent company, Unified Growth, include BAM University which has seen over 2,000 students pass through its programs and launch their own successful digital marketing agencies. Founded on a philosophy that believes in generating income by creating tangible impacts on the community, clients, and students, Unified Growth and its companies aim to multiply positive impacts by helping everyday people create several income streams.

“Coming from a background where I was a poor and rebellious child, I have realized that too often we are not raised in school to embrace experimentation and creativity, and instead are taught to follow rules and stay in the lines,” says Josh. “This, combined with the fact that we typically are not provided with a thorough financial or business-oriented set of educational tools, means that so many people in our society are looking for financial solutions and simply don’t have the answers.”

That’s where Josh and his team step in. By teaching the students of BAM University how to generate profit and revenue, Josh is able to coach students towards creating their own six and seven-figure income streams. Following in his lead, building from the ground up, Josh is a role model who leads by example, running several businesses including digital marketing agency Mr. and Mrs. Leads.

What is taught in BAM University?

With a 50% student success rate—compared to a 5-10% average rather for other online courses—BAM University is known for mastering its formula that can be reproduced time and again to bring success to every student who puts in the time and effort. “We teach all of our students to earn income by helping others; students help local business owners increase their revenue and develop strong, long-lasting client relationships.”

As the top digital training platform in the world, students of BAM University are coached by Josh and enter a community of like-minded individuals, all looking to achieve financial freedom and business success. Learning from online video courses and one-on-one coaching, students will learn how to make a marketing empire that will sustain them through any economic conditions.

“The coaching space is notoriously filled with scammers and false promises. But at BAM University, we have a commitment to our students that leads to their success. In addition, the community we have cultivated is one that is supportive, helpful, positive, and knowledgeable. As much as the coaching provides the educational tools, in BAM University, so does one’s peers.”

What’s next for BAM and Unified Growth? Josh aims to make his company one of the most recognized brands for business education and personal development on the market. He is already well positioned to achieve his goal, with a team of experts, and roster of successful alumni, and an unmatched level of commitment.

To learn more about Joshua and his programs, visit his website, BAM university, and Mr. and Mrs. Leads.