Talbon Review: Complete Guide 2022 Is It Real?

A Canadian construction firm called Talbon Construction was founded in 1965. It has completed numerous building projects since its foundation, ranging in size and complexity.

Continue reading this post to learn more about the business, its services, and the current projects it is working on.

What Is Talbon Construction?

It has built up quite a reputation over the years for the high caliber of building projects it has delivered to its customers. Most of its customers come from Central and Eastern Canada, where it is well-established in the industry. Each year, Talbon generates about $5 million in income.

In their words, “constancy and reliability are our major concerns sums up their primary goal and motto.

The execution of this purpose is made possible by hiring hardworking employees with the necessary abilities. It includes employing qualified individuals for positions such as crew members, site managers and supervisors, project managers, and superintendents. It is what the Talbon is.

Talbon GMI Division

The Talbon GMI Division was established in 2008 in response to Mine Industry Management recommendations. This division was established with a single goal: to generate environmentally friendly construction projects.

Harem Talbon operates underground mines in Canada. They also assist core teams in developing adequate infrastructure for architectural projects. It also covers the provision and installation of various construction equipment, structural steel, high-grade concrete, and other materials.

What Services Does Talbon Construction Provide?

Civil architecture structures are Talbon Construction’s core area of expertise. The company also assists with installing and delivering various institutional, industrial, and commercial domains.

The main Talbon offerings are:

  • Providing consulting services before the start of construction projects
  • Meeting with clients, scheduling projects, and determining timelines
  • Create architectural project concepts with a team of engineers.
  • Determine the construction costs.
  • From start to finish, supervise building projects.
  • Oversee all aspects of construction projects.
  • Control the level of service provided.
  • Before building begins, survey various sites.
  • You must supervise a building project as soon as work begins.
  • Support contracts are administered to other businesses.
  • Create a feasibility report to assess the worth of construction projects.
  • Install all necessary construction equipment on construction sites.
  • Maintain maintenance personnel on-site at all times to oversee all work.

Let’s examine a few of Talbon Construction’s primary services in more detail:

  1. Construction Project Planning
  2. Construction Project Supervision
  3. Equipment Installation

1. Construction Project Planning

Planning building projects before they begin is one of the organization’s primary services. Talbon organizes the project first when a client approaches this business with a construction project in mind.

Here, the business arranges all the project needs following the client’s end vision. It entails evaluating the viability of the construction sites before estimating the project’s overall cost. It comprises the cost of labor and the price of the building supplies and machinery.

The company then determines the length of the construction phase and sets a deadline for the project’s completion.

2. Construction Project Supervision

The company begins its building work after the planning for the project is complete, and the deadlines approach. 

Here, supervisors on-site are in charge of overseeing every part of the construction job. It includes managing the labor force, determining the needs for materials and equipment, and much more.

This service is essential to ensuring that building projects proceed according to schedule. Otherwise, there will be many instances of poor management, which will cause the deadline to be advanced further. The project’s costs may rise as a result of this.

3. Equipment Installation

Many materials, tools, and equipment must be present on the job site for the building to begin. Some of this equipment is quite complicated. Thus only trained specialists should install and utilize it.

It is where Talbon enters the conflict. You can install these machines and equipment with the aid of the form. They might also assist you in gathering raw materials following the project contract.

Why Work At Construction Talbon?

You should consider working at Talbon Construction for several reasons. These factors include:

1. Flexible Schedules

The working hours and vacation policies of this company are pretty flexible. It is because construction activity might occasionally occur during the day and at night. Therefore, your shift will vary substantially depending on how the project is organized.

2. Dynamic Teams

Each company collaboration consists of multiple teams with a wide range of employees. The units are very flexible and can adjust to project requirements. So, working here will teach new employees a lot.

3. Competitive Salary

The pay scale for employees is competitive with that of other Canadian construction companies. You can receive a higher salary and compensation offer depending on your performance and competence.

What Are Talbon Projects in the Works?

Several large Talbon Construction projects are now underway. They are as follows:

  • Goldcorp – Eleonore
  • Osisko
  • Chevelament, IAMGOLD – Division, Westwood
  • Broyeur, Agnico-Eagle, Division La Ronde
  • Chevalement, Agnico-Eagle – Division Goldex


In Canada, Talbon Construction is a well-known business. They deal with the building of residential and commercial projects, and they have gained quite a bit of popularity recently. The main reasons for this are their effective project management and a group of highly competent staff.

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Q1. Where is the headquarters of Construction Talbon?

Visit the Construction Talbon headquarters at 203, Boulevard Industriel, Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9X 6P2 if you wish to do so.

Q2.How Can I Get in Touch With Talbon Construction?

Calling Talbon at their number will connect you with them. The company can be reached at 819 797-0122. Additionally, you can fax them at 819 797-1914. Further, you may send them an email at info@talbon.ca.

Q3.Has Talbon founded any county public schools?

There are no public schools in Talbon County. Construction projects for homes and businesses are the company’s main focus.