Nate The Great Peterman Shares How He Managed to Scale Symba Marketing to Six Figures in One Year

Symba Marketing, the well-known branding and creative agency who’s served over 300 clients worldwide, has garnered a positive reputation in the industry for growing at such a rapid pace compared to most companies. One of the people behind the successful marketing company, Nate the Great Peterman, has helped scale the business to six figures in a year with his co-founder, Daniel Kiani. The duo has accomplished every goal they’ve set while helping their clients improve marketing strategies, so how exactly did they make it happen? It’s a question that Nate has answered to help others who want to accomplish such great goals.

Setting Realistic Goals

According to Nate Peterman, setting realistic goals is a fantastic start. As someone with a passion for helping others since he was 13 years old and would post motivational content on YouTube, he knew that it was essential to work well with the clients, set the bar high, and meet the mark so that they wouldn’t end up feeling disappointed with the services provided. Having a list of goals to accomplish was only the beginning for Nate, who looked forward to growing the business and working with different people from all walks of life.

Working Closely with Clients

Along with setting realistic goals, he believes in working closely with your clients to make them feel included. “Your clients come to you for a specific service because they’re trusting you. They think you can help them with a problem they need solving, and you don’t want to let them down. I’ve always maintained this mindset while getting Symba to grow and enjoy keeping clients well-informed on the steps we’re taking to help them,” said Peterman. “Knowing what steps you’ll take and how you plan to help them improve in business make a difference because they’ll stress less and get excited to see the progress made over time.”

Being Consistent

If you’d like to grow a business quickly, it’s also in your best interest to be consistent. It’s one of the many things Nate and his co-founder have done since the start of Symba Marketing. “Customers like consistency. They like knowing that you’ll do the job you were hired to do without taking shortcuts that could potentially cause problems for them. So be consistent in your approach, continue talking to your customers to keep them in the loop, and don’t skimp on quality to get things done faster,” shared Peterman. “We scaled our business through exemplary customer service. We never even paid a dime on advertising because our clients would tell others about us and so forth, helping us grow and expand faster than we anticipated. If you want to experience something like that, be good at what you do and put your customers first.”

While Nate Peterman has experienced success with Symba Marketing, he knows what it’s like to work for other companies and has used the experience of working at different chain restaurants and stores to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. He encourages others to use what they know to their advantage and prioritize customer service when starting the entrepreneurial journey.