Luffy’s silliest quirk was just weaponized in One Piece

One of the strangest heroes in Shonen manga, Luffy from One Piece, has recently turned one of his most absurd qualities into a deadly weapon. It may not be a surprise considering how series creator Eiichiro Oda continuously finds fresh and inventive methods for Luffy to employ his abilities in battle. However, witnessing Luffy stretching his powers in new and interesting directions never ceases to be enjoyable.

In chapter 1070, Luffy uses Gear Fifth and his newly awakened Devil Fruit abilities to battle his longtime foe, Rob Lucci. One of the silliest of his many entertaining new attacks on Lucci is when he opens his lips wide and appears to be trying to consume his opponent. Luffy bangs his cheeks together to spray the pieces of ground he bit off when he missed his opponent, but Lucci manages to sidestep out of the way. Though ultimately ineffective, this move is nonetheless a clever allusion to one of Luffy’s funnier personality quirks.

A large part of what makes Luffy’s persona, so well-like is his silliness. He has very basic requirements, such as an insatiable appetite that frequently puts him in awkward circumstances. While his hunger is primarily employed for comedic effect, it may also heighten some emotional moments, such as when he was left to starve on Whole Cake Island until Sanji fed him and when he learned about the starving villagers in Wano.

His comical qualities help him battle better, especially since Luffy found Gear Fifth in Wano. With the freedom provided by this technique, he can choose how to engage the enemy, which results in attacks that would be right at home in a cartoon. It was hilarious to observe how these two humorous qualities came together in his biting attack in this chapter.

The New Attack Luffy Is a Natural Development of His Character

One thing that makes One Piece such a pleasure to read is how well its diverse components are woven together. Fans of the show are reward when they pay close attention, and this particular instance was no exception. Suppose a reader hadn’t known about Luffy’s insatiable desire. In that case, his biting attack might have appeared to be a silly use of abilities rather than a logical progression of his personality. This kind of attention to detail drives fans to meticulously analyze each panel in this amazing series.

It’s uncertain if Luffy would ever employ this biting move again, given that it didn’t seem very effective and that Gear Fifth gives him access to various other fighting techniques. But even if he never goes back to it, it will always be fantastic as a subliminal nod to one of his sillier personality quirks. As a result, One Piece again shows why it is among the best manga of all time by turning into a weapon Luffy’s silliest trait.