Trailer Released For Russian Film That Beat Tom Cruise To Space

The Russian science-fiction thriller The Challenge debuts a new trailer, beating Tom Cruise to become the first fiction movie to be shot in space. Cruise, who plays Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible movies, has made it his personal goal over the past ten years to push the boundaries of on-screen action by engaging in a series of stunts that are getting riskier and riskier. By boarding a SpaceX rocket, travelling to the International Space Station, & filming a movie when in orbit around the Earth, Cruise hopes to up the ante. Not happy with accomplishing such daring achievements on Earth, Cruise now wants to up the game.

However, if or when Cruise does manage to realize his dream of filming in space, he will lose some shine due to a recent Russian movie that broke the cinematic space barrier before him. This brand-new sci-fi thriller, The Challenge, achieved history by becoming the first fiction movie to use real actors and a real director to capture video in space. Currently, the film is showcasing some of this classic video in its debut teaser, which you can view below (thanks to Central Partnership):

All That We Know About The Problem

The Challenge in 2021 sends actor Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shepenko into orbit aboard a Soyuz transport spacecraft to pull off its historic shoot on the ISS. Once in orbit, Shepenko shot 30 hours of film over 12 days, using cosmonauts as extras in addition to Peresild, who played the lead character Zhenya. Shevchenko was compelled to perform many tasks, including acting as his art director, makeup artist, and production designer, because there wasn’t a full staff. In the end, the film’s space-based material accounts for about 35 minutes. The Challenge’s plot summary is as follows:

How Tom Cruise Hopes to Surmount the Obstacle

Cruise may have missed his chance to be the first to film a fiction movie in space, but he still intends to make his trip to the ISS. In his upcoming movie, Cruise will play an “everyman who realizes he alone has the power to save the earth from an undisclosed peril,” according to a recent Variety report. Doug Liman and Christopher McQuarrie, two of Cruise’s longtime colleagues, are both on board for the movie, which is scheduled to start filming when Mission: Impossible 8 is finished. Donna Langley, the president of Universal Pictures, has disclosed that Cruise intends to perform the first spacewalk as a civilian.

Of course, it is still uncertain whether Cruise will fulfill his desire to travel to the ISS and even carry out a spacewalk, a feat that The Challenge’s crew chose not to do. On the one hand, Cruise, an actor and producer who succeeds at surprising his sceptics, is someone you should never bet against, as he did this year by catapulting Top Gun: Maverick to blockbuster status. However, even Cruise has limitations, so sending a human into space for Hollywood fantasy might be going too far. Cruise surely feels even more inspired to fulfill his space aspirations now that The Challenge has traveled there.