Marvel Unveils One Gross Similarity Between Her Dad and Wolverine

Despite having amazing abilities due to her status as Wolverine, Laura Kinney has just come to light as sharing an unfavorable trait with her father, Logan: she smells. Laura is made aware by Boom Boom and Jubilee in Marvel Comics’ X-Terminators #4 that she smells dreadfully like her father. The similarity makes Wolverine laugh out loud, and he refers to her smell as the “Snikt-stank.”

In X-Terminators #4, Leah Williams, Carlos Gomez, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Travis Lanham hold Wolverine as one of the heroes being held hostage by Dazzler’s wicked ex-boyfriend who has a pact with the Collector to house creatures for the Collector’s extraterrestrial killing arena that was seen earlier in the series. Laura Kinney wraps her arms around Boom Boom and Jubilee as they call out the strong odor from her armpits and comment that she smells much like her dad, Logan, as she attempts to devise a method to escape the glass cage. However, Laura doesn’t find the comment to be offensive.

Logan Has Many Powers in Common With Wolverine from Laura Kinney

According to Laura Kinney’s status as Logan’s genetic daughter, Wolverine shares several abilities with her father. Laura’s version of Wolverine is a replica of her father’s, down to the healing factor, adamantium-coated bones, and claws. She even previously joined the X-Men as the new Wolverine, which Logan accepted and approved of, and as a result, has grown to be a valuable hero among Marvel’s mutants. Even though Laura makes fun of the fact that she smells like her father, it’s a disgusting likeness that she undoubtedly wishes she didn’t share.

In an amusing turn of events, Wolverine’s odor helps the X-Terminators figure out how to free the Collector from his captivity. After discussing how she needs to shower, they discover the ship they are on has a drain system, and they utilize it to get away. Laura’s “Snikt-stank” may have been offensive to her teammates, but in the end, it helped the heroes trapped within find the way out.

The aroma is one of Wolverine’s most repulsive similarities to her father, Logan, yet Laura appears to have accepted it by giving it the humorous name. Although it might make her mutant teammates queasy, Laura Kinney’s Wolverine understands that the stench is a part of her abilities and is what makes her a true Wolverine in the Marvel Universe, just like her father. Marvel Comics’ X-Terminators #4 is currently available at comic book retailers.