London Southend Airport: Officials discussing the base return with EasyJet

A UK airport that endured a “hammering” during the epidemic has announced it is in talks with EasyJet about reopening the airline’s base there.

Following the initial Covid-19 lockout, passenger numbers at London Southend Airport decreased by more than 90%.

However, EasyJet confirmed Tuesday that it would resume flights to Amsterdam in May.

The airport’s commercial leader said it was in “active talks” about the airline’s base also returning.

A spokeswoman for EasyJet stated that there are no “current” intentions to reopen a Southend facility.

“It’s a case of supply and need, and as soon as easyJet is in that position to renew with a base at Southend, then I’m sure it will.

Naturally, we’d welcome it the following day, but it will take some time. The industry is always coming off the back of the pandemic.”

Southend’s three main conveyances, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and EasyJet, all dragged out of the airport during the pandemic.

Passenger counts decreased from 2.15 million in 2019-20 to 147,000 in 2020-21, and there were no passenger flights at all for a time.

The airport’s business development director claimed the company took “a beating.”

EasyJet restored lines to Faro, Malaga, and Palma last year, and from 24 May 2023, it was anticipated to fly up to four flights per week to Amsterdam.

The company also revealed new routes on Tuesday from London Gatwick, Bristol, Manchester, London Luton, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

An airline base generally means the company keeps its fleet and staff at the location perpetually throughout the year.

According to an EasyJet representative, there are no “current” intentions to reopen a Southend facility.