Know Currently situation of Helicopter crash in Ukraine

In a neighbourhood close to Kyiv, the rotor of a helicopter crashed into a car.

Three children and the interior minister of Ukraine were among the 18 individuals killed in a helicopter accident in a Kyiv suburb; this is the nation’s highest-profile fatality since the war started.

The inquiry into the crash’s cause has begun in Ukraine, but it might take weeks. In the immediate wake of the accident, the BBC has pieced together what we know and what we don’t.

Where did the collision occur?

James Waterhouse, a BBC correspondent for Ukraine, has been providing updates from the crash site in the Brovary neighbourhood on the outskirts of Kyiv.

He discovered three victims wrapped in foil blankets at the crash scene, which was close to a kindergarten, along with the aircraft’s wreckage, including a door panel and one of the rotors.

A video of the crash’s aftermath that the BBC confirmed showed flames and smoke covering a large area between high-rise apartments and another residential building. Pictures also show the adjoining kindergarten to be smoke-blacken.

According to Ukrainian officials, three automobiles and a 14-story residential building’s glazing, to Ukrainian officials, were also damaged by the fire, which also caused damage to the National Emergency Service headquarters.

After hearing “such a blast,” a witness saw “a terrible fireball” and a helicopter “circling above our home.”

She claimed that the burning helicopter was travelling toward a nearby smaller structure.

Was the chopper under fire?

The BBC’s examination of photos of the crash scene did not turn up any indication of missile debris, and Ukrainian officials have not mentioned any missile fire.

It was too early to discuss the causes, a Ukraine Air Force official quoted the news agency Reuters as saying during a TV broadcast. However, the spokesman continued, “Unfortunately, the sky does not overlook errors.”

What circumstances existed before the collision?

Approximately half an hour after sunrise, at 08:20 local time (06:20 GMT), the chopper crashed, according to authorities. Several videos depict overcast and foggy weather.

It’s believed that it was moving eastward toward the front lines. In a Facebook post, Kharkiv’s police chief, Volodymyr Tymoshenko, announced that he would see the passengers today.

We don’t know how high the helicopter was flying before it got into problems. Still, BBC weapons analyst Chris Partridge says that to dodge hostile surface-to-air missiles, they normally fly very low, at approximately 100 feet.

According to him, flying this way is risky, demanding, and highly stressful for pilots, especially when flying over cities with obstructions like trees and buildings.

Some analysts have observed overhead cables between buildings close to the crash scene, which could have threatened aircraft flying at extremely low altitudes. James Waterhouse of the BBC claims he has not observed any broken cables nearby while reporting from the scene.