Jeff Lowe’s Net Worth

The ‘Tiger King’ of Netflix, Jeff Lowe has been high in the debate these days. Particularly, his net worth has been discussed widely by many people out there. He is all over traditional and social media. He has become a popular multi-millionaire.

Although this famous celebrity has been in the media recently, a lot of people still do know about his identity. This article will guide you about who Jeff Lowe is and what is net worth is.

You may probably know him if you are a Netflix fan. He is known for the true-crime docu-series. This includes Tiger King, Dethroned, The Noble Thing to Do, Playing with Fire and Make America Exotic Again. This show is a reflection of Joe Exotic, who is the owner of form Exotic Animal Park. He is the owner of the big cat and proclaims himself as the ‘Tiger King’. Recently, he has been convicted for a number of offences which includes murder for hire and animal abuses. He has also been sued by the law department for improper handling and inhumane treatment of lions and tigers.

He owns a zoo in Oklahoma which is also co-owned by his wife, Lauren Lowe. This zoo park was reopened in the mid of 2018. His early life has always been about exotic animals. As you must have seen in the series, his grandfather has established a very popular circus in the late 1920s, namely Robin’s Brothers Circus. One of his few initial birthday presents were cubs.

As a brief background, he was born in the year of 1966. Thus, he is 54 years of age at present. He is an American National, who was born in Oklahoma, USA. As a professional, he is a businessman who has invested himself in a number of industries, as discussed below.

Jeff Lowe Net Worth

Jeff Lowe Net WorthJeff has been holding a tag of multi-millionaire for a very long time. This is due to the fact that he has done a lot of jobs during his lifetime. With the recent fame he has, his net worth has been estimated at a whopping $ 10 million. Although this is not the official record, it has been reported to be the said number.

Some sources even say that his net worth is over $ 13 million. In any case, his status as a millionaire has always grown.

Income Source

One of the most interesting topics which surround Jeff Lowe is regarding his sources of income. He clearly has been into a number of industries which make him a very popular and rich person. Following are some of the income sources:

  • There are multiple entertainment companies, pertaining to the adult industry, have approached Jeff Lowe to produce a sex tape with his wife. They have offered him a tremendous amount of money to do so. It has been reported by many media outlets that they were offered over $300,000 just to shoot one video. Further, they were offered to shoot three videos. This means that they were offered nearly $900,000 in totality.

It has further been reported that all the videos were about sexual intercourses between Jeff Lowe and his wife, Jeff Lowe and his nanny, and between Lauren Lowe and any other person of her choice. However, the sources have said that the deal has not been finalized yet. The couple is still deciding on the entertainment company they need to go with. In any case, they are going to choose a company that will increase their net worth. This is clearly a one-off source of income, but there are many other sources as discussed below.

  • As mentioned above, Jeff has raised between animals his whole life. In the year of 2015, he met Joe, who is the previous owner of the Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. The said park is situated in Oklahoma. In this year, he wanted to purchase a cub from Joe. This is when Jeff realized that the said park was a very bad financial condition. Therefore, he decided to invest in this zoo to make it more financially successful.

Joe was compelled to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. This happened after his rival, Carole Baskin, initiate legal proceedings against him for intellectual property infringement. His rival was awarded damages of $1 million. This is when Jeff Lowe and his wife, Lauren Lowe were declared the new owners of the Animal Park.

At present, he is the chief executive officer of the animal park. Most of the recent income of Jeff Lowe comes from this zoo. If you go through the zoo’s website, you will see that the admission/entry fee is approximately $15. However, there are some special packages as well which includes private playtimes and sloth encounters. These special packages come in a wide range of prices. For example, private playtimes cost $50. On the other hand, if you want an exotic animal tour, it will be around $55. A private playtime which belongs to the deluxe category will cost around $80. Furthermore, the most expensive is the VIP tour which will cost around $175. Since the zoo was bought, he has been rebranding it. This Animal Park is still operating at its full capacity, despite of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the standard operating procedures are being followed in light of the national recommendations.

In 2018, he prepared to launch a Jungle Bus. This was supposed to be a vehicle that would accommodate people to a trip to Las Vegas. They would take them out to a secret hideout where the visitors would be able to play with tigers. However, for some reasons, the plan for this vehicle was shut down.

Notwithstanding the above, many directors of the zoo business are of the view that the same will not last long. The current state of the premises is questioned by many. It has been reported that very few people are visiting the zoo. Due to its condition, there is not much income generated. Some animals are even put into starvation which has made the zoo difficult to operate. Although the management is trying to invest money into it for smooth operations, the results might not be as compelling.

  • Another income source of Jeff Lowe is pet businesses. These pet businesses are situated in Las Vegas and Colorado. Furthermore, he has also worked with a number of celebrities which include Evel and Robbie Knievel. It has also been reported that he was engaged by the Prince. His role as a manager also added to his net worth.
  • Jeff Lowe was also recently known to run a number of retail stores. However, these retail stores were based on discount.

In view of the above sources of income, it is clear that Jeff Lowe has had a very interesting career path. A lot of people tend to achieve such a feat. One of the other exciting news is that the couple is working to make a new zoo. They have plans to move all the current animals into the new zoo. It was reported few years back that the zoo was under construction. It was set to open soon. If you go through the new social media channels, you will get to know more about the new zoo in making.

The Legal Troubles

He has for a long time being victim of legal troubles. In addition to the above, he was charged with other charges. In 2018, charged were registered against him for keeping animals of exotic categories. This includes liger, lemur and a tiger. The charges were pressed basically on the ground that he kept such animals in his premises without having a legal, proper and a valid license. However, he managed to sign a plea deal with the relevant department; but he was compelled to pay a heavy fine as compensation. This event further made him more popular.

The bottom line

Jeff Lowe is clearly one of the most popular celebrities of this time. Many people are interested in what is going on in his life. Although majority of his lifestyle is not known to the media, he has been in the limelight recently for the latest controversies going around him.

Above is all that the media has reported about him. If you are a big fan of Jeff Lowe, then read the above for a better understanding of his early life, net worth and specifically, how he earns. However, it is pertinent to note that these are not official reports. There are many unofficial sources out there through which this information is obtained.

In any case, if you are interested in Jeff Lowe’s personal, professional and social life, then you may meet him. He is often open to meeting his fans and followers. This way you may get to know more about what he does, how he lives and the ways in which he has developed is multi Millionaire Empire. He surely is one of the most interesting personalities out there in the entertainment industry.