Amanda Balionis- Bio, Careers, Achievements, Family and Friends

Amanda Balionis is a very famous name in the American sports industry. It has recently been very popular in the media as well. This article will serve you as a guide to who is she and all you need to know about her.

Who is Amanda Balionis?

A lot of people may ask the question – who is Amanda Balionis? She is particularly for her works in the golf journalism. She is a reporter based in the America reporting herself as a journalist of golf. She is currently engaged with the CBS Sports. During recent times, we have seen her interviewing a number of sports personalities.

She belongs to the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, however, currently she is residing in the city of San Diego in California.

Amanda Balionis Bio

Amanda BalionisShe was born in the year of 1985 on 20th day of June. She is currently unmarried and as mentioned above, was born in Pittsburgh. Belonging to the American nation, she studied in the Township High School of Manheim. Further, she graduated from Hofstra University. She did her undergraduate in the field of broadcast journalism.

She was born to Tony Balionis and Dana Balionis. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Provided that she is a fitness freak and is engaged into such activities, she weighs only 57 kilograms. As of now, her height is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches. She has blue eyes and her hair color is a combination of brown and black.

Amanda Balionis Careers

The most that media knows about Amanda Balionis is about her career. There is a lot that can be known about her careers. As mentioned above, she is engaged with CBS Sports.

She began her career with PGA Tour. During such engagement, she was primarily engaged in the production of tournament highlights. All the live events of the tournament were reported by her. This is when she majorly developed her love for golf. Even otherwise, her parents were into golf as well. Due to her parent’s love for golf, she developed love for the game and thereafter, engaged herself in this industry.

Even before getting into the professional industry, she began her journalism career while she was studying in the university. This is where she networked and made her way into the industry. Further, she developed journalism skills in the university and established a successful career for herself.

Subsequent to the PGA Tour job, she was engaged by the Callaway Team. She was majorly responsible for getting all the digital content hosted. Currently, Callaway Team has kept her as part of the team.

She has also did her internship in a number of other companies including New York Islanders, ABC News and New York Jets. Although she has been into golf for a long time, this is not the only thing that she does. She even made her way through the Super Bowl Debut. This is when she got a lot of fame as well. Although it was a challenging task for her in the career, it was one of the best experiences she had during her lifetime. All these experiences are indicative of the fact that she began from the very bottom and climbed up to the peak of success through pure hard work and dedication.

Apart from her journalism profession and experience, she is also engaged into yoga. She is highly qualified when it comes to yoga. She teaches yoga and is a certified instructor. Although this is not pursued as a full time profession, it is something that she loves to do part-time and get some additional money.

Amanda Balionis Achievements

The level of success Amanda Balionis has got in recent times is unmatched. She is a not a professional golfer but a journalist in this sports industry. Accordingly, she has made a big name for herself, as mentioned above.

During her career at CBS Sports, she was appointed as the chief of the social media correspondence team for the Super Bowl. This was one of the biggest achievements for her. She is not only successful in terms of fame but she got a very lucrative monetary package while she was working with these companies and organizations. It has been estimated that she takes over $150,000 annually which is a pretty impressive amount.

Further, during her lifetime, she has had the privilege to interview of the best golfers of all time. This is something that only a few journalists have done, which makes her stand out in the industry.

One of the achievements which is not particularly related to her profession but to style is that she was named as the stylish person in golf in the year of 2018.

Amanda Balionis Family Members

As mentioned above, her mother and father are named Tony Balionis and Dana Balionis respectively. She has no siblings. However, there is not much known about her personal family life. She is very secretive in this context.

During the past few months, she has been giving hints to the media about her boyfriend. However, she never used to share the identity completely. This resulted into major curiosity amongst the media channels as well. Nevertheless, few months back, she did share an image of her boyfriend on Instagram. This was done on the 14th day of February, on the Valentine’s Day. The media does not know about the name of her boyfriend but is familiar with the picture she posted on the social media.

The post shared on Instagram was a romantic one which gave an impression that the couple is soon going to get married.

Amanda Balionis Friends

Given that Amanda is pretty much secretive when it comes to her friends, there is not a lot that the media knows about them.

Other important details

There is more that can be known about Amanda Balionis. One of the most important things that we know about her is that she is highly fond of dogs. Her love for dogs is unmatched. She is in fact, engaged into charity for dog vet services. She invests in welfare of the dogs and provides funds for establishing shelters for them. She is a probably an animal rights activist which also makes her stand out in the media. Further, her love for dogs is reflected frequently from the images she post on social media.

Further, as indicated above, she is apparently much into style and fashion. Due to her popular and successful professional career, her style and the charisma she wears, she has a major social media following. This includes a wide range of followers not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. She has been highly influential in the golf media as well. The reason she is so popular with the social media fans is that she often engages with them. This makes her one of the most humble celebrities out there.

Further, she is not only restricted to golf and football. She also participated in competitive volleyball on a national level while she was studying at the university. This is indicative that she has a very sporty background which is important to be a good sports journalist. Moreover, she is also fond of other sports which include swimming and basketball.

The bottom line

Above is all you need to know about this celebrity – Amanda Balionis. Despite of all we know about her through media, her personal life is secretive and there is a lot that is not known about her. Nevertheless, if you are fan of golf and the journalism thereof, then you must know about her.