Killing Bites Season 2- Release Date, Cast and Story Touchup

As of 2021, anime is getting quite trendy in the world. With the advancement in technology, the animation is getting better and better, and the Japanese are not stopping anytime soon in creating new animes. One of the most popular anime is killing bites. Killing bites commonly known as Kiringu Baitsu was created by Liden Films. Killing Bites is a Japanese, sci-fi, action anime and is based on the manga series also called killing bites. The writer of this anime is Shinya Murata, while it is illustrated by Kazuasa Sumita. So far, 16 volumes of the manga have been adapted in the form of 12 episodes of anime TV series. Furthermore, the manga was a part of Hero’s Inc’s magazine. It started airing in the month of January 2018 and since it had 12 episodes, and only one episode is released a week, it ended in March 2018. Moreover, killing bites became so popular all over the world and was applauded by the anime community. However, it did dirty to its viewers, since the first season ended at a cliffhanger, many fans are awaiting the return of killing bites season 2.

Release Date of Killing Bites Season 2

Even though the first episode of killing bites seasons 1 was released on January 13, 2018, and it ended in March 31, 2018. There are no signs of killing bites in season 2. The production company has not shown any green flags that it will be releasing killing bites season 2 anytime soon. However, all the fans of the anime are expecting the production company to make a season 2. Although the manga is still ongoing, the production company is not making killing bites season 2 because there is a lack of source material. It’s been 3 years since the release date of killing bites season 1 and it had adapted 7 out of 10 volumes to create the first season. At that time, there were only 10 volumes but as of now in 2021, 16 volumes have been created, so there is a chance that we may see a killing bites season 2. However, even if the production company starts creating killing bites season 2 this year, it may not be released until 2023. So, be patient and hope for the best.

Cast of Killing Bites Season 2

killing bites season 2 release date

While season 1 of this anime had a lot of characters including Hitomi Uzaki which was voiced by Sora Amamiya, Yuya Nomoto which was voiced by Wataru Hatano, Eruza Nakanishi which was voiced by Maaya Uchida, Ui Inaba which was voiced by Sumire Uesaka, Ichinosuke Okajima which was voiced by Toru Okawa, Taiga Nakanishi which was voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, Mai Shinozaki which was voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki, Reiichi Shido which was voiced by Rikiya Koyama, Pure Inui which was voiced by Minami Tanaka, Tasuku Kuroi, Haiji Goto, Yoko Mitsukado, Kaori Rikujo, Kaede Kazama, Yozan Mitsukado, Nodoka Uzaki, Oshie Nodoguro, Takeshi Kido, Shota Yabe, Jerome Hongo, Den Onuma, Ryuji Shiina, Yugo Tani.

Seeing how the first season ended, the protagonist of the story, Yuya Nomoto is definitely going to return in killing bites season 2. Since in the first season, although, he had feelings for and loved Hitomi Nomoto, she killed him. So, in the second season, he will definitely come back to take revenge from her.

The second protagonist is Hitomi Nomoto. She is a honey badger also known as the rattle. She is a hybrid who only obeys her guardian known as Shido.

Finally, we can also expect the return of Reiichi Shido. He is the legal guardian of Hitomi and is one of the very few that have the power to control the hybrids as well as their matches. Furthermore, he ordered his hybrid, Hitomi to kill Yuya even though she did not want to kill him.

Story Touchup of Killing Bites Season 2

In the first season, underground matches are held between genetically engineered hybrids that have the power to transform into animals, also known as Therianthropes. These underground matches were sponsored by 4 zaibatsu gangs. Next, Yuya Nomoto, joined his friend in a plan, where they were going to kidnap a girl and rape her. Unfortunately, that girl was Hitomo who is a hybrid. She killed all of them except Yuya. Then, she forced him to take her to the underground battles and forced him to become her investor. After many matches and episodes, these underground battles became legal and were opened for normal people too. In the end, Shido ordered Hitomi to kill Yuya when he was just about to confess his feelings for her. However, as a cliffhanger, we see that Yuya is still alive and is planning to create more anime hybrids in order to take revenge from Hitomi and her guardian, Shido.

In killing bites season 2, the fans can expect a lot of things from it. for example, why did shido ordered Hitomi to kill Yuya, and how will the death of Yuya benefit Shido? Why and how Yuya is alive? How will Yuya take revenge from both Hitomi and Shindo. Everything will unravel in the second season of killing bites.

The final word

There are no signs of killing bites season 2 since no trailer or teaser has been released of season 2. Furthermore, even though, it became quite popular, it got a mediocre IMDB rating of 6.3 out of 10. This series can be watched on a lot of different websites such as Anime Planet and it is only available in English subtitle.

The series is full of action as well as a lot of humour. The animation of this series is quite beautiful but it also has some weird but fun animations effects as well. Nonetheless, no one can get bored watching this series because it has so many turns and twists. Overall, it is a good watch and you can at least spend 4 hours watching it.