Important Things to Know When Buying a New Mattress

Like any buying experience, buying a mattress is no different because you need to know some essential things before deciding on a purchase. You should never make any mistake because it is a valuable investment that you would use for a long time. And besides, you should buy the best mattress because it defines your sleep and ultimately your health. 


Choosing a mattress should not be as complicated, but sometimes it does because some common and essential things to consider are not well thought of. And thus, to make things easier for you, it is necessary to know this list to guide you on the essential things to learn on your next purchase.


The Types of Mattress

Everything should gravitate into knowing the type of mattress that’s best for you. You should know your specific health needs, sleeping position, and even your body physique for you to be able to have a good judgment on your buy.


Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is among the best mattresses that give comfort and deep sleep. The foam comes from organic material with very minimal synthetic additives used in its manufacture. This mattress is best for people suffering from allergies; aside from the hypoallergenic properties of the materials, a latex mattress does not accumulate dust, fungi, and any microorganisms; thus, it needs no frequent cleaning maintenance. 


Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress has rows of coil springs and a top foam of any kind like latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and others. The coil’s comfort is best for back support and stomach sleepers because the innerspring provides a cushion to prevent pain and soreness. 


Pocket Coil Mattress

A pocketed coil mattress is among the spring-type mattresses which feature individually wrapped metal coils. Each pocket coil moves independently and thus gives no disturbing rubbing noise. This type of mattress gives a good buoyant feel and is suitable for pressure relief. Also, a pocket coil mattress creates a more relaxed sleep due to an excellent airflow that flows through the entire bed. 


Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress combines polyurethane material mixed with other materials to give its denser bounce effect. The foam has better airflow, making it cool to sleep on and best for pressure relief. You have various memory foams to choose from: the standard memory foam, open-cell memory foam, and gel memory foam.

Pillow Top Mattress 

A pillow-top mattress has a pillow topper that serves as an additional layer of upholstery to the bed. The pillow acts as a cushion which makes the mattress soft and allows the hip and shoulder to get support and a comfortable sink. A pillow-top mattress makes an even distribution of weight that eliminates pressure and discomforts and thus giving you a sound and quality sleep.


Compare Prices 

Before making any purchase, always make sure to compare prices to find great deals. Research shows that 78% of shoppers like to compare prices from different merchants. Price comparison is an intelligent way for buyers to decide which product gives an economic value versus the cost.


Comparing prices helps buyers plan out on a budget, especially if a product like a mattress is a bit pricey and needs fund allocation. When comparing prices, always make sure to know what inclusions are added to your purchase. Know that not all high-priced sales are costly because sometimes it becomes the most economical purchase you will make, like having a warranty for your purchase.


Know the Warranty Package

A product warranty is a guarantee that a seller makes about the product once you purchase it. Sold products have an implied warranty of merchantability wherein all the conditions of the products are sufficient. 


Often, these warranty conditions are in the form of parts and services, wherein the merchant or the manufacturer agrees to provide when the product performs otherwise. Further, a product with a good warranty package may appear pricey compared to others, but you often get the best value of it.


After-Sales Services

When you buy a mattress, always ask for the merchant or the manufacturer’s after-sales services. After-sales service is the support provided after the product has been purchased. In most businesses, after-sales service is a business strategy to give customers the satisfaction they deserve.


An example of after-sales service for a mattress is the repair and maintenance of the product. Sellers may provide you free maintenance service, free check-ups, free labor fees on rehabilitation, or even free training for some complicated product operations.



A mattress is a valuable investment that buying it needs a responsible and informed thought. In buying a mattress, always be aware of the must-know information to enjoy the optimum use of the product. 


Also, it is best to know vital information like the prices, warranty package, after-sales service, and most of all, the mattress types so that everything goes well during the purchase. You would enjoy the product while in use and even long after you use the product.