How to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for SEO

Speed optimization matters the most in today’s SEO tactics and it has become a major ranking factor for all search engines. As the website grows and more traffic and customers, most often it becomes slower and it directly affects the user experience. The content starts loading at a slower speed and it ultimately increases the bounce rate of the website.


However, using a content delivery network or a CDN, you can manage your website’s load easily and ensure that the performance is intact, fast, and responsive. If you are new to CDN and wondering how it can help your website perform better in SEO services, we have got you covered. In this article, we will check out how to use the CDN network for SEO benefits and take maximum benefits from it.


CDN for your business?

Most websites use high-resolution images and videos for engaging users, however, it negatively impacts the loading speed. CDN helps companies to manage the resources better without compromising the overall performance.


Be its high-resolution images, videos, HTML code, CSS, JS, and any other heavy libraries that require heavy rendering — CDN distributes the load to boost up the website’s speed. We can call CDN a multi-path traffic intersection where different internet providers connect and offer each other website traffic coming from multiple sources.


The internet providers keep passing the traffic and assets until the page is loaded by the users. In this scenario, the load of rendering heavy images and videos is not on your website as it gets distributed across multiple providers. It will be only called when someone fetches those pages. As the servers create cache files for the main asset, it reduces the delivery path of content.

CDN’s benefits for good SEO?

There are several benefits that companies can enjoy once they integrate a CDN with their website. The biggest benefit of using this service is faster website loading speed and improved customer satisfaction. As content marketing has become a critical aspect for all companies, investing in CDN has also become important to take an edge in the industry.


Improved ranking

As speed has become a major ranking factor, using a CDN service helps business owners to improve their website’s performance and gain higher rankings and authority. Google and other search engines have clearly mentioned many times that speed has a higher priority when they rank a website. So, using a CDN is no secret whether you are a startup or a small or medium-sized business owner.

Better experience

As businesses are creating long-form content and it also includes infographics, videos, or graphics for better illustrations, CDN is a must-have service. It ensures that the bounce rate will remain minimum and it will add more value to the overall user experience. Using a CDN gives businesses an edge to create more frequent content without worrying about the website’s performance.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is the new update from Google and it’s completely used on the user experience and the website’s technical performance. Speed is a major factor of Core Web Vitals and to keep your website ahead of the competition, it’s critical to integrate a CDN service and start optimizing the content. Once this update is fully rolled out, your website will gain a competitive edge over others who have not optimized for it.

Improved security

Along with improving the performance of the website, CDN adds an extra layer of security to the content and protects your website from various cyber-attacks. Using a CDN removes the issue of mixed content which is a commonly faced problem in SEO where the resources are running on HTTP protocol. CDN adds an extra layer of security by encryption and distributed data channeling.


CDN protects websites from attacks like DDoS where the hackers try to take down the website by sending a surge of traffic continuously. As the data is not centralized and it’s distributed over servers that are highly secured, there are no such possibilities.

How much does a CDN cost?

There are various service providers in the market that offer different levels of CDN services for your business. From a basic plan to a full-fledged dedicated custom plan, you have plenty of options. However, small and medium-sized companies can get good CDN service anywhere between $200 to $500 per month.


If you have a large website, you can go for a custom plan and it will charge you higher than these standard charges but integrating this service is all worth it to ensure your website’s good performance. Whether you are a startup or a small business owner, with the upcoming search engine changes, CDN is a smart move to go for. There are several free CDN services that you can check out if you are just starting out with them. As your traffic goes up, you can upgrade the plan.