How to connect a Landline phone to a Wi-Fi router?

Technology is getting advanced nowadays and if we are not aware of the latest technologies then we are living in an old erea. If you are looking to connect your landline phone to a Wo-Fi router then you are in the right place, we are providing you the complete information related to it. Today, the Internet is a basic need and we cannot enjoy the latest technologies without using the Internet. Just like that, VOIS allows enjoying calling without connecting through phone lines.

How to connect a Landline phone to a Wi-Fi router?

What is VOIS?

Voice Over Internet Service is the latest connecting technology. Earlier, when we called from our telephone, it transmits the call to another phone line but now when you call from your telephone, it will connect through the Internet. There is no difference in both the things we will experience, even, we can also do voice calling. So if we want to make the connection then there is no need to call any technician or engineer, it can be done easily. Let us understand the situation more briefly. 

Connect a Landline phone to a Wi-Fi router?

The whole process of connecting a landline phone to a router is quite easy. The voice signals will connect to a router and then those signals will convert to digital signals. Now, these signals will connect to the other side of the router with help of the Internet, users just need to make sure that they are using a high speed Internet connection so that the landline can be easily connected to the router. So let us know the process step by step for connecting to a Wi-Fi router.

  • So, first of all, users need to turn off the modem and make sure that there is no wire or cable plugged in that modem.
  • Now, you need an Ethernet cable and you need to locate a port to the back of the landing to the router where you have to connect the cable. Then just connect the other side of the cable to the corresponding port to the backside of the modem.
  • Then users need to take another Ethernet cable, which will connect to the LAN port to the backside of the landline phone to a Wi-Fi router and the other part of that cable will connect your PC or laptop. 
  • Now users need to take the cable from the analog phone to the back side of the landline phone and then connect it to the phone adapter part and router. 

In this way, users can connect their landline phones to a router and now it is ready to use. Now let us know how to start it.

  • After the completion of the whole, now users need to start their router and the device where you have connected.
  • Now just wait till it gets stable and wait for the lights to start blinking as always.
  • Then just turn on Wi-Fi on your landline phone and wait till the light starts blinking in green colour on the router.
  • Now you can start testing by picking the headset and check if there is any tone we can hear or not. 

What things we should consider before connecting a Landline phone to a router?

Before connecting the landline phone to a Wi-Fi router, there are some things that we should consider so that we don’t have to face any issues at that time.

# Internet Speed

This is one of the most important points that a user should consider because the Internet speed depends on the quality of calling a user will be able to do. If you have a good Internet speed then you will be able to get a clear voice and uninterrupted services. A cable connection is always a good choice over a DSL connection and the speed also depends on the location you are living in and network traffic. So if you want a proper calling then go with a high Internet speed connection.

# Wi-Fi Standards

As we know that there are different Wi-Fi standards available and all have different capabilities of transferring data at different speeds and rates. From all the standards 802.11n is one of the best and advanced standards that can transfer data at a speed up to 940 Mbps. It doesn’t matter how fast the Internet speed you have or the high downloading capacity you have, if you don’t have a good Wi-Fi standard, you will always face low internet speed issues and you may face low voice issues also.

# Connection Type

The most important thing is the connection type, we need to choose a connection through which Wi-Fi routers can be connected to the Internet. It can be done with either DSL or a cable connection. Fiber is also taking part in these connections but the infrastructure cost of this connection is quite expensive. So users can decide the connection type at their convenience. 


So this is the way to connect a Landline phone to a Wi-Fi router, now users can do it easily by following the steps carefully. We have also given the factors that we should consider before connecting the landline phone to a Wi-Fi pause. We hope that the information is helpful, still, if you have any doubts then you may let us know in the comment section.