Best iPad Productivity Apps That You Should Know About

Did you know that according to Gallup, 55 percent of Americans are stressed throughout the day? Juggling bills, social lives, family, and more can be overwhelming. Even worse, the pressure to be productive at all times–whether in or out of work–can lead to burnout.

There is no miracle solution to handling stress and increasing productivity, but using technology can be one method. This is because every day, we rely on our phones, tablets, and computers for entertainment and information.

The iPad is the perfect device to rely on for productivity, as it’s easier to carry than a laptop with a larger screen than a phone. Even better, there are a variety of free iPad apps that you may find useful.

Read on to learn about the best iPad productivity apps that you can download today!


Bear is known for its beautiful and simple interface. If you used to use Microsoft Word as a way to make notes to yourself, lists, and more, Bear is a far more lightweight and streamlined application. When you create a new blank document, you can categorize it into separate “notebooks” by simply adding a hashtag and a word after.

For instance, you can organize all of your saved recipes by using “#recipes,” and you can then find all of your separate notes within that category. Bear also gives you the ability to draw within each note as well as add links, images, and videos.


Shortcuts is a free app that helps you automate simple tasks on your iPad. If you find yourself repeatedly doing the same tasks for yourself or your job, you’ll probably be able to create an automation on the app.

Beyond shortcuts on your keyboard, this can save you massive amounts of time with tasks that take more than a couple of taps or keystrokes.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Silence your phone depending on the situation
  • Get directions to the nearest cafe, bus stop, gas station, and more
  • Reminders that pop up when you arrive at work
  • Automatically resize multiple images

The app also includes a few default shortcuts if you’re having trouble deciding how to get started.

Google Workspace Apps

Google Workspace apps work beautifully even when you use your iPad, making them some of the best iPad Pro productivity apps. One of the top reasons these are recommended is because they’re all cloud-based. When you update Google Sheets or Google Docs, the information is saved automatically in the cloud.

This means that you can refer to the information when you come home on your desktop. You also won’t need to worry about losing any important information. You can also take advantage of tools that allow you to collaborate easier with colleagues, such as link sharing or the ability to leave comments on Google Docs.


One of the issues with using your iPad regularly is the fear of someone hacking your online accounts. For instance, if you’re using an insecure password for your Gmail, your entire online life could be compromised.

Coming up with strong passwords and then remembering them isn’t easy. For this reason, 1Password is a game-changer. It generates unique passwords for each of your online accounts and then saves them with encryption.

Even better, it will let you know if you’ve used a password multiple times or if a website was recently compromised.


Are you tired of multiple, unorganized to-do lists? Do you feel as if you lose track of your priorities for the day? Things is one of the most highly rated to-do apps on the Apple Store.

You can think of it as an advanced to-do list with a clean, minimalist layout. After you create a to-do list, you can add headings, subheadings, and additional information. Your lists are also organized in the following categories:

  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Anytime
  • Someday

This means that you can keep track of several of your priorities without becoming overwhelmed by them. For instance, the “Today” category may be populated by separate lists for grocery trips, work priorities, and appointments.

Focus Keeper

The pomodoro technique is a popular productivity hack. You work for 25-minute increments four times, with small breaks after each work period. If you’re a fan of this technique, Focus Keeper is a simple app that can keep you on track.

However, it’s not a simple timer. It also keeps track of your focus periods in the past so that you can see how your productivity has improved over time.

iPad Multitasking

Last but not least, it’s important to keep in mind that the iPad allows you to multitask. This means you can view two apps at once using Split View.

This can increase your productivity if you need to reference another piece of data while writing a report or essay. Other people may choose to have their inbox on one side with their work on another.

You can learn more about using Split View at

Discovering the Best iPad Productivity Apps

You’re not alone if you struggling to be consistently productive. By taking time to find the best iPad productivity apps, you can use tech as a tool to help you throughout the day. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s easy to keep researching iPad productivity apps without choosing one.

We recommend using free trials if you can’t decide. You’ll also want to remember that no productivity app is perfect–you may need to supplement it with your own manual methods.

Ready to learn more simple ways to increase your productivity? Keep reading the blog for more tips and tricks!