Going to the dentist is a tremendous stress for many people. Particular fear is experienced by those who have found Soviet dentistry: impolite doctors, treatment without anesthesia or with poor-quality anesthesia. Excitement before taking it is often born in childhood and can develop into a real phobia.

There are many terms for the unnatural fear of dentists. It is in Russia that it is so pronounced. Probably, this is due to the Soviet medicine with frightening dental chairs in a row and old drills. ”

However, according to statistics, about 80% of the population of Europe and 15% of residents of industrialized countries experience discomfort before visiting a dentist. You can contact Dental office Kennewick WA if you want a friendly dental clinic around you.

What is the cause of the fear?

Why are people afraid of visiting the dentist? The reasons can be different:

The fear acquired in the process of life is formed against the background of the negative experience of past visits to the doctor. This is the most common case.

The phobia generated by the imagination is based on far-fetched fears: stories of acquaintances, seen in movies, etc.

Hereditary fear is an attempt to avoid pain in any form. The desire to protect ourselves is laid in us at the genetic level: the mouth is a sensitive part of the body, and therefore it seems to a person that any invasive manipulations in the mouth will be very painful.

A psychotherapist will help to get rid of pronounced dentophobia: it will be possible to overcome the pathology only after hard work on oneself.

According to statistics, only one in five people treats visiting a dentist as calmly as going to a movie or a hairdresser. So what do you need to do to visit a specialist without fear?

How to stop being afraid: a few simple tips

You need to learn how to properly treat visits to the dental office. To cope with fear, you need to understand: a doctor is not an enemy, but a friend, and treatment is not torture, but the process of getting rid of the disease.

Dentist-therapist of our clinic Oksana Andreevna Rozhkova gave some simple tips with which you can forget about the fear of going to the dentist. All our doctors are sympathetic to the potential for excitement: they know how to relax and calm any patient. In the clinic “DENTA” you will be comfortable: from the first to the last minute of your visit.

  1. Find a doctor you trust

Choose a specific specialist and make an appointment only with him. A resident doctor will be able to thoroughly understand your dental problems and choose the appropriate treatment method. With him you will be able to establish trusting friendships: visits to the doctor will be a pleasant event!

Do not forget that regular visits to the dentist are an opportunity to avoid the occurrence of dental diseases or to identify them at an early stage for quick and successful treatment.

  1. Develop the myth of painful treatment

Learn about the different treatments and types of pain relief.

Modern anesthesia is guaranteed to protect you from pain. In addition, the injection site is subjected to preliminary “freezing” with a gel or spray. ”