5 working tips on how to keep your teeth healthy

In the author’s article, the doctors of our dentistry in Zvenigorod, Masters of Smiles, shared their experience on how to keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. Read the checklist for a clear procedure.

Friends, you can actually live your whole life with healthy teeth and avoid serious problems until old age. To do this, you need to follow 5 simple tips from our checklist. You should visit a Dental office on a regular basis to keep your teeth properly checked by the professionals.

  1. Be sure to monitor your oral hygiene

Oral hygiene patients do not experience major problems. They usually come to our clinic for a routine caries treatment.


– You need to brush your teeth 2 times a day.

– You need to brush your teeth AFTER eating, and not BEFORE, as most people do.

– The average time for brushing your teeth should be about 3 minutes. Too fast cleaning (up to 1 minute) is not effective!

– Follow the movements of the toothbrush: from the gum to the crown (from the bottom of the tooth to its top), vertical or circular. You cannot brush your teeth with rubbing horizontal movements!

  1. Be sure to undergo preventive examinations with a dentist once a year

Even if nothing hurts you. The preventive examination time will be no more than 10 minutes. At the same time, the doctor will always be able to identify an incipient inflammatory process, which can be eliminated by simply placing a seal. If the patient comes with a “hole”, this will usually result in the removal of the nerve. In the most “neglected” cases, you have to remove the tooth.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you must come to the reputable dentist in Columbia for an examination. Be sure to undergo preventive examinations with a dentist once a year.

In our clinic, the examination is completely free, you can make an appointment at a convenient day and time for you.

  1. Watch your diet

It’s no secret that chips, chocolate, sweets lead to a deterioration in the condition of your teeth. Try to at least partially eliminate carbohydrate foods and sugary drinks. Lollipops of the chupa-chups type also have a high cariogenic effect.

If you cannot limit yourself to the use of cariogenic foods, then try to brush your teeth after eating them.

  1. Include foods that contain calcium and phosphorus in your diet

Examples of such products are fish, nuts, dairy products.

We draw your attention to the fact that you cannot use artificial calcium without a doctor’s testimony.

  1. Perform professional oral hygiene once a year

Professional oral hygiene is a combination of professional oral care services, which will effectively prevent the occurrence of serious diseases, as well as improve the aesthetic condition of your teeth. In other words, this is a professional cleaning of teeth, which is carried out in dentistry and includes: removing plaque, strengthening the enamel with special means.

Come for a professional teeth cleaning at our dentistry in Zvenigorod, especially if you are not very careful in matters of oral hygiene.