How to organize a home workspace in a small apartment?

You have studied the real estate market for a long time and now you know “by sight” all the major developers in St. Petersburg. Now you are a real pro and the cherished goal of buying an apartment has finally been achieved. The apartment has been purchased, the keys have been received, and the finishing is finished. Here it is happiness: you have your own, even a very miniature, living space. How to properly equip a home workplace if the space is limited? Let’s share tips from inventive mini-apartment owners.

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What is it for?

It is a competent organization of the workplace at home. Many will ask why this is even necessary. After all, you need to rest at home, not work!

Perhaps your job is related to intellectual work. In this case, you need to constantly develop and improve in the profession, keep abreast of modern trends: listen to seminars, online courses, trainings, perhaps sometimes take part of the work home. Or you basically work remotely from home. We would like to talk about how to create a cozy workspace.

Many people know how important the zoning of space in an apartment is. It often happens that a bed is a dining room, a cinema, an office and a place to sleep. It has been proven that when working in such a space, the working mood disappears, since a person is used not only to work in bed, but also to do other things. In this case, it will be quite difficult to concentrate. Therefore, the presence of a study in the apartment is not a whim, but a reasonable choice. Even if the size of the apartment does not allow you to allocate space for a separate personal account, creating a separate workspace using zoning is also a good option.

Seat selection

Having laid out working documents, a laptop and other stationery on the kitchen table, on the bed or on the windowsill, you will certainly lose them, stain, break and ruin the mood for yourself and those around you. Further, without a home workplace, you will work in uncomfortable conditions for yourself, which can contribute not only to discomfort, but also to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. If you are a programmer or a gamer, then the desktop is your permanent, permanent residence, and of course, sitting on the kitchen table, you will definitely, carried away by work, absorb everything edible and inedible. Surely you will agree: a workplace at home is a must.

Living room

If you are the lucky owner of an apartment with a living room, then you can equip your workspace there. A screen, a rack and so on will help you with this.

Great place to create your own office. A separate room where you can retire from the noise of “home”, concentrate and work calmly. And also a lot of light and fresh air. But to work on the balcony, you will have to insulate it and change the cold glazing to warm.


Someone may feel comfortable working in the bedroom, as the calm atmosphere is conducive to mental work. The main thing is not to relax to the fullest: so that the bed does not beckon you, separate the work area and do not work facing the bed.

Other options

If space does not allow you to allocate a full-fledged work area or you work from time to time, then easier options may suit you. Such as a niche in the wall, a workspace on a windowsill, or perhaps just a folding table.Read more;