How to Create Aluminum Signage That People Can’t Stop Looking At

Everyone will have noticed signage put by up businesses, churches, organizations, and institutions all over the place that are illegible as you pass them by. They are either put up at poor locations, are too small, or crammed with information that you cannot possibly read, understand, and retain. Designing signs that attract attention and can be read and understood easily is no rocket science, but it is surprising how many people get it wrong and then wonder why they are not getting the expected results. Some of the top factors, you need to consider when creating attractive and high-impact signage:

Pay Attention to Visibility 

For signs to do whatever they are supposed to do, they must be visible. This simple and inescapable truth, unfortunately, seems to escape a lot of people. As a result, you are likely to see signs all over the place that are not optimally positioned to be noticed, read, and acted on by their audiences. The problem could be as simple as the sign being placed too low or high, being obstructed by trees, electricity poles, buildings, parked cars, etc., or not being lit adequately at night. The problem could also be that the sign is just not large enough to catch the attention of motorists or pedestrians. You must make sure that the sign is positioned at a place that offers a clear line of sight to its audience.

Make It Legible

The best custom aluminum signs have a brief and unambiguous message against a high contrast background. Attempting to cram in too much information deters people from reading it. Incorporating detailed designs can make the sign look messy from a distance and make it difficult for people to read the message. The white or empty space, which is the space, not occupied by the visual or the text, plays a vital role in the legibility, says a Forbes report. According to experts, you should try to leave around 30-40% of the total available space for ensuring the best legibility.

Type and Fonts

To ensure people can read your signs at a glance from a distance, you should use typefaces that are clean and crisp and without any embellishment. Make sure that your audience can read it clearly by making the font size big enough. While you can see one-inch high letters from 10 feet distance, be sure to test what works the best on location. Limit your font selection to a maximum of two to avoid distracting viewers. Refrain from using all capital letters unless the message is only three or four words long as a combination of upper and lower case is easier to read.


By making the sign visually appealing, you can encourage people to notice and read it more. The simple expedient of a border adds 25% to the reading speed as the eye can focus on the message better. Including colors and graphics can improve noticeability and brand recognition better. The modern digital printing methods employed in sign printing have made it easy for customization of the signage.