The Classy and Stylish Women’s Cowboy Hats – Let’s Understand the Science Behind It

Do you want to know what is that one quality that distinguishes a stylish women’s cowboy hat from other hats? The answer is, it should be western at heart. That’s not all! Today, the style-conscious women want to delve into the science behind the timeless and iconic hat worn by people in the western part of America.

If you read about it, you will know that the cowboy hat evolved from the Mexican Cowboys and the Vaqueros. They used to sport the high-crowned and wide brimmed sombreros during herding cattle. This hat got designed in a way to protect the cattlemen as they worked under the humid, western sun.

Now, as you zoom into 2021, the womens straw cowboy hats have evolved a lot. Today, it caters to a wide range of purposes. Women can wear it for work as well as for special occasions.

The multiple kinds of cowboy hats

Most cowboy hats for women are available in any one of the two materials, that is felt or straw. And both these materials have their individual function and benefits. Often women think what the ideal time to wear the straw or felt hat is? Conventionally, the rules are the same akin to the white color in Labor Day. It means women can wear felt hats during winter and straw hats during summer. However, you can always bend the rules.

  • The straw cowboy hats

These hats came into existence several years back. Society used to make a head accessory from a lightweight material like straw, and it was an old tradition. And this tradition became popular at the time of the Wild West era, which was a response to the scorching desert heat.

There are a few straw cowboy hats that look casual and have a loose weave. If you can get a fine straw cowboy hat with a good weave, you can flaunt it as your summer accessory. If you want a classy look, get a detailed hat that provides good sun protection.

  • The felt cowboy hats

The felt cowboy hats were more in use than the straw variant, especially during the winter months. This hat variant can protect you from the sun during the daytime and provide the necessary warmth during the night. It’s a perfect hat to have when you are residing in the desert. This hat is effective in holding water for a thirsty horse as well. The felt hats create a classic cowboy look, and being a woman, you can always dress it down or up. These hats often get made of animal fur or wool. It is available in various colors and can provide security from cold and moisture.

Taking care of the cowboy hat

Once you get your women’s cowboy hat, you need to take good care of it. Make sure to store the hat keeping the brim facing towards the upside. If you rest the brim atop a flat surface, such as a dresser or a table for a while, it can warp the brim slowly and affect the hat shape.

Make sure to hold the hat from the brim. If you grab it from the crown, it can create a dent on the crease. Also, while adjusting the hat, make sure to hold the back and front of the grim. The wool or straw cowboy hats can manage moisture and can stay well when damp. But make sure that you allow it to dry naturally. You shouldn’t use a heater or dryer to dry the hat, as that can affect the hat’s shape.

The cowboy hat and its correct fit

  • Around the head

As you first purchase the hat, ensure that it fits well around your head. A little tightness is never a point to worry. These hats will expand with heat and this heat will escape from the head. Hence, once you have worn it for a long time, it will get loose and will adjust with the head size. Make sure that the straw hats are slightly tighter in comparison to felt hats, so that they don’t fly off when there is a wind. The felt cowboy hats are slightly heavy and will stay on your head.

  • The tilt of the hat

You need to ensure that your hat is correct. Generally, you will find a small bow within the hat, identifying the back. It’s similar to a shirt tag. If you want show some attitude while wearing the hat, know how to angle the hat brim. Based on your face shape and mood, you can tilt the hat to angle, that will make a huge difference. If you want a lounging effect, simply tilt the hat in the front.

These are some of the crucial facts that women need to know before they get their straw cowboy hat and flaunt it. These pointers will enable women to understand the essence of the hat and style it accordingly.