The Top 10 Ways Businesses are Using their 10×10 Canopies in 2021

The best thing about canopy tents is that they can be used for just about any and every activity. They’re amazing marketing tools, must-haves for campers, and offer ideal protection from the sun during outdoor events. Here are the top ten ways businesses are using 10×10 canopies in 2021 –

  1. Marketing their Brand to Local Audiences

High-quality pop-up canopy tents are ideal for outdoor events because they offer protection from harsh sun rays, etc. Why not market your brand to the people who are taking shelter under your tents? The top sellers of canopy tents offer high-quality customization options. Custom print your company’s logo/name on these tents and market your brand to local audiences! Set them up in different regions of your neighborhood to get brand exposure!

  1. Portable Garages

Many owners of small vehicles (e.g., scooters or minicars) use pop-up tents as portable garages. These tents are made of high-quality vinyl or PVC, so they don’t get damaged by sun rays. They offer business cars brilliant protection from the sun.

  1. Host Grand Openings

Custom printed tents can be used in outdoor/indoor trade shows, farmer’s markets, and other marketing events. Plus, they’re easy to install and take apart. That’s why these tents are ideal for high-traffic events like grand openings where first impressions are everything. Marketers can easily set up these tents at grand openings. The custom designs of the tents will keep attracting the eyes of visitors!

  1. Trade Shows

Many businesses establish their presence at trade shows by setting up highly customized and distinct-looking canopy tents. At trade shows, company representatives from all over the business world gather in one space. The brand exposure well-designed canopy tents provide at these shows is invaluable!

  1. Host Sales

There’s only one thing that shoppers love more than getting shelter from the sun under protective canopy tents. It’s custom canopy tents that feature sales-related information! Shoppers love sales offers, and those offers look better nowhere else than customized canopy tents. Many businesses get their sales machines rolling by announcing offers on customized tents.

  1. Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets are competitive spaces. Many business professionals gather at these locations to generate brand awareness. Custom canopies are highly unique and eye-catching marketing materials that steal all the attention at farmers’ markets.

  1. Support Sports Team

Show up at your local sports teams’ matches with customized canopy tents. Be it soccer or basketball – use customized canopies to show your community that your brand supports local sports stars.

  1. Establish Brand Presence at Other Local Events

In addition to sports events, also turn up with your customized tents at local concerts, political rallies, etc.

  1. Host Weekend Trips for Employees

Getting off work is great for employees’ mental health. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t see any brand-related items during their breaks. Hosting picnics with custom-printed canopy tents is a great weekend getaway plan for workforces.

  1. Send Social Messages

Businesses can stand out from their local competitors by printing important social messages on their canopy tents. Think beyond political booths and share messages that truly matter to your local community!

Ready to use custom canopies for your business? Use this list for inspiration!