How Book Success Is Made: Meet The Man Behind The Bestsellers

There’s very little left to chance when Tyler Wagner is working with a client on a new book. He and his team meticulously piece together writing, publishing, and marketing plans to launch authors to the top. Why? Because bestsellers aren’t just written, they’re made. For aspiring authors, Wagner believes that writing isn’t the problem. The main sticking point, says Wagner, is managing the book promotion and marketing after publication.

Marketing Makes The Difference

Tyler Wagner is the founder of AuthorsUnite, a specialist publishing company with a difference. Since he established the firm a decade ago, Wagner has helped over a thousand authors get to the top of a variety of bestseller lists, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon, and more. His unique approach not only helps authors write and publish but provides a full-service marketing strategy for them too. With the average US book selling only 200 copies each year, it’s something he believes traditional publishing companies overlook when working with aspiring authors. 

“The thing is most publishers don’t do marketing for their authors,” Wagner explains, “What makes us unique is that we don’t just handle the writing and publishing, we handle the entire marketing for them as well.” 

Pushing Past Pain Points

It was his personal book-writing experience that led Tyler Wagner to create a publishing company offering a full-service marketing package for authors. When his book “Conference Crushing” was published in 2014, Wagner spent days without sleep trying to pull together all the activities needed to promote the launch.

He says, “When I wrote my first book and it went to launch, that was one of the most stressful times of my life.” Wagner had to start from scratch to promote and sell his book. “I realized what worked and what didn’t work. And I realized that besides the writing of the book, marketing is one of the biggest pain points for authors. They spend months to years writing a book and then no one reads it because they don’t know how to market it.”

Breaking Down Barriers 

Wagner’s mission now is to break down the barriers preventing aspiring authors from reaching bestseller status. His work starts with getting the book written in the first place. He says, “Lots of people in the US believe they have a book in them, but they don’t do it.” According to writer Joseph Epstein back in 2002, that ‘lots of’ is a huge 81% of Americans – over 200 million people who want to write a book but never put pen to paper. 

“There are a lot of reasons why. It’s a side project, they don’t have time, or they don’t believe they are a good writer,” explains Tyler Wagner. He goes on to add, “We eliminate all those limiting beliefs and provide them a service – whether it is with them or for them – to take care of their book and ensure they become an author.”

Wagner’s mission goes beyond simply helping people become an author. His drive comes from a desire to help people who want to make an impact become bestsellers. “We believe that by helping authors succeed, we help the world succeed,” he says. That success doesn’t come by chance. Tyler Wagner adds, “We write books for people and market them. Our clients know when they pay us to do their marketing they are in good hands. And they know we’re going to get their book in the hands of thousands of people.”