Sarah P. Antonella Leads the Way While Showing Other Women How to Level Up

While women continue to make bold, decisive moves, some industries remain male-dominated, including the digital marketing industry. However, Sarah P. Antonella is on a quest to change that by proving to women of all ages that anything is possible. As a successful young businesswoman serving as the CEO of an established digital marketing agency that brings in seven figures annually, her valuable advice can help inspire future entrepreneurs while motivating women to level up in every aspect of their lives.

Life wasn’t always easy for Sarah, a victim of chronic bullying throughout her childhood due to her ethnicity as a mixed Caucasian and Asian young lady. Not only did she experience bullying at school, but also at church, a place where most wouldn’t expect any bullying to happen in the first place. And while the name-calling and cruel jokes took a toll on her mental health, Sarah refused to let their harsh words get the best of her. Instead, she spent time focusing on her competitive ice skating career, crushing it on the ice with hopes of making it to the Olympics.

While spending years on the ice, Sarah would eventually become a coach to other young ice skaters, which helped her recognize her many leadership qualities. She then decided it would be a good idea to get involved in the digital marketing agency world.

“I had to go for it. I loved ice skating and still do, but I wanted to test my skills as a business leader, so I gave it my all, and it worked in my favor. I relied on my self-confidence and tough skin to help me accomplish goals, and I can proudly say that I’ve gotten further because of it,” shares Sarah. “I knew that I wanted to level up and make a name for myself, so I did just that. Sure, it’s a male-dominated industry, but I’m making a name for myself and paving the way for other women to get into digital marketing while proving that we can have as much success, if not more, than men.”

The tough times and bullying didn’t hold this successful businesswoman from making her mark on the digital marketing agency. If anything, it kept her motivated enough to push harder and pull through, providing her doubters wrong. “While the digital marketing agency continues to pull in seven figures while working with different clients from around the world, I’m also spreading out and sharing my journey with others to motivate and inspire them to want more in life and to go for it. It’s the reason I decided to write my book, Level Up,” says Sarah.

Along with running the agency and helping it grow and expand in only a few years, Sarah is also a podcast host and the author of the best-selling book, Level Up, where she shares her story of struggle that led to significant success. Be sure to check out the book or tune in to one of her podcasts for tips on gaining confidence, persevering through the tough times, and becoming as successful as possible.