Bail Bond or Your Own Money, what is the Best Alternative?

The Bail bond is a process in which a defendant deposits a certain amount of money to the jail. If they do not manage to do that, they have to stay in jail till their court date.


To hire a bail bondsman is always the fittest for the defendant, in which the bondsmen are accountable for the defendant to be present for all court proceedings. If the defendant fails to do so, the agent will be responsible for the whole money.

The following reasons will make it easy for you to whether to use your own money or a bail bond:


Cannot afford bail

If you don’t have any savings or could not arrange money for the bail, you can always choose to hire a bail agent. The bail bonds take a 10% premium of the bond amount. After the premium payment, the bondsman will deposit the full bail amount to jail to get the defendant out of it. Always look for a company which is available 24.


If the defendant could not show up for proceedings

Few bail bond companies return someone to jail but under certain terms and conditions, known as a surety bond. They will make you sign a contract after a surety in which they mention such conditions of the contract. Many bail bond companies have strict conditions like the person cannot leave the state or drink or do drugs.



Worst-case scenario

Sometimes the defendant skips out their court appearance or the bail is not returned for some reason. It gets hard for you to support yourself in such situations if you spent your savings on bail because the money gets tied up in the bail bond.


Cash bail

But if you pay the full amount to the court in cash, the amount gets returned after the defendant appears in all court proceedings. If the defendant does not show up in court due to any reason, you will not get your money back. And also, if by chance the defendant gets arrested again whilst out on bail, you will not get your money back.


Will you get the 10 percent back?

There is an assumption between people that they will get their 10 per cent back after the person is free of all charges or convicted of any charge. It does not work that way, the 10% you pay to the bail bond company is the charge for their service. The company already takes a risk by paying the bond money on behalf of the defendant.

The bond gets settled if a defendant founds not guilty. The bond gets settled at the time of conviction if the defendant pleads guilty.



The best alternative is to opt for a bail bondsman when you don’t want to take any risk of losing your loved ones and money to the court. The agents of the Castle Bail Bonds are available 24/7, which will help you to get bail fast and effectively.