How Can I Recover My Outlook Contacts following a Windows Upgrade?

Windows 10 is gaining popularity. Windows 10 among computer users is growing each month, particularly among those who use Windows 10 and the Windows Operating System. The rise in popularity has seen it take an impressive percentage of users and is moving forward to consolidate its status as the most widely-used operating system. Microsoft is continuing to add new features to its OS to make it easier for users of different Windows Versions to make the switch. It’s worked. While doing this process, if you are facing message+ keeps stopping Follow the instruction mention in a link.


Upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 is very easy. It basically works by itself. However, there are times when things suddenly occur and users could be faced with a variety of problems as a consequence. One example of this is the disappearance of Outlook contacts after updating to Windows 10.


It can be a disappointing outcome to something you could be looking forward to from the start. If you’re among those who are facing this problem, don’t need to worry as there’s a solution for this issue. We’ll demonstrate how to resolve the issue with Outlook contacts files that are missing after Windows 10 update.



Why are all contacts gone in Outlook after an upgrade From Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

Your contacts could disappear because of certain issues encountered during the upgrade procedure. This could be due to the upgrade procedure not copying your contacts file properly. The Outlook contacts files could be deleted from the program and result in the list of contacts not showing.


It’s crucial to remember that malicious software could interfere the files on your computer such

as your contacts files. This is the reason you should use security software such as Auslogics Anti-Malware to ensure that your data and your computer secure.


How Can I Recover My Outlook Contacts following a Windows Upgrade?

We’ll provide a variety of options to help you find your contacts. If the solution you’ve chosen doesn’t work you can simply go to the next solution.

When you launch Outlook there’s an arrow at the top of the main screen. When you click on the Arrow, a dropdown menu will open, showing Microsoft applications and features, including OneDrive, Calendar, People and Mail. What you need to do after arriving there is to click People to be able see all of your Outlook contacts.



If you aren’t able to get your contacts using the easy procedure described above, no need to fret, just follow these steps to restore your contacts on the Windows 10 PC:

  • Open your Windows 10 Outlook.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Select General.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Hide on my computer folders” to clear it.This will ensure your

contacts are not obscured.


Start the Microsoft Outlook application to complete the procedure.


How to fix Outlook Contacts File Not Working following Windows 10 Update through the Windows.Old Folder

If the upgrade is made from Windows 8 to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or Windows 7, a new folder dubbed “Windows.old” is created. This folder holds files from the prior Windows version, which includes user account settings as well as the installed applications. If you do decide to go back to the previous Windows version the folder can assist to roll back. If there are certain files that weren’t copied over to your new Windows it is possible to retrieve them by digging through Windows.old. Windows.old folder.


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However, you should be aware it is true that Windows will remove this folder Windows.old file after a certain number of days (usually around one month) to make space on your PC. Therefore, you must get your files out of the way before they disappear forever.



To retrieve deleted Microsoft Outlook contacts, follow these steps:

You can open Your File Explorer by pressing the Windows and E keys together on your keyboard. You can also open it by pressing the Start button, then clicking File Explorer.

Then, click This Computer to the right-hand corner in the File Explorer window.

  • Open your Local Disk (C:).
  • Find the Windows.old folder and then open it.
  • Open Users.
  • There’s a folder that bears your name.Open it.
  • Then, then open AppData.
  • Start your Local folder.
  • Open then the Microsoft folder, then, open Outlook. Outlook folder.


Here you’ll find all of your older Outlook files.

It is important to note you that some of the files in Windows.old folder, including information stored in Outlook Outlook folder, might be obscured. In this scenario you won’t be able to locate the file you’re searching for. However, you can get access to the file by displaying the contents hidden within the folder. For this to be done, right-click on the folder, select Properties, select Hidden, and then click OK.


This is that. You’re now able to access the contacts in your Microsoft Outlook contacts again.


Have you noticed a the loss of contact information in Outlook after you upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 10?

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