How Architects and Electricians can Work Together?

Being an architect and an electrician are two different things. The work descriptions in both the industries are distinct. Architect is a professional who designs buildings and supervises the construction of the same. They provide comprehensive services in how a building can be structured, in order to serve the purpose for which it has been made. 

On the other hand, electricians are those professionals who are experts at wiring of building structures and other relevant equipment. They can install, repair and maintain electrical fixtures. Therefore, in case of any electrical work, professionals such as electrician in Sydney should be hired. 

It appears that architects and electricians have no relation to each other whatsoever. However, this is not true. There is a connection between both professions, especially if the work is being done on mega-structures. Following is how both professional experts can work together:

  • Design of the building

As mentioned above, architects are responsible for designing a building. However, the concept of design is very vast. It entails a lot of things. One of them is electrical designing. They need to ensure that the electrical design of any building is done properly in order to ensure its optimal functionality. Therefore, when the designing of any structure is being done, a master electrician can guide over the electrical aspects of the design. A combination of both projects will ensure that the structure of the building is full-proof and without any flaws in it. 

  • Estimation of cost

When building any structure, one of the major tasks that need to be completed is to do comprehensive cost estimation. If the costs of the project are evaluated and estimated beforehand, the work becomes much easier. This is especially true in the construction industry. However, architects cannot estimate costs without the consultation of electricians. Electricians will quote an estimation that pertains to the purchase and installation of electrical fixtures. Therefore, both professionals can work in conjunction to come up with cost estimations. 

  • Project discussion

Any construction project needs a lot of decision making. This is why architects need to talk with different professionals to ensure that everything is in place. For example, they will talk to different vendors, government authorities and civil engineers to ensure that each and every aspect of the project is being addressed. Similarly, architects must also discuss the project with electricians. This will ensure that the electrical needs of the project are being addressed perfectly. Otherwise, it can cost a great deal of money in the long run. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the major ways in which both the professionals can work together. However, once any project begins, the need of collaboration between both the experts will increase. In any case, if you are hiring experts for construction of a project (including architects and electricians), make sure they are experienced and trained sufficiently. This will ensure that the end result that you get is of high optimal quality.