6 Tips on Marketing with Stickers for Small Businesses

In the digital age, it’s important that businesses don’t invest exclusively in digital marketing. Physical marketing materials still play an important role in brand awareness and often provide a more emotional connection between businesses and consumers. 

Marketing with stickers is a great way to make an affordable investment into physical marketing materials.

The question is, how can you make the most of your sticker marketing strategy?

Read on to learn more about marketing with stickers with these six tips.

  1. Start With Strong Business Sticker Designs

First, you need to make sure that your stickers are well-designed. Take advantage of this online sticker maker to come up with incredible designs. Templates make it easy to come up with a handful of different branded designs that your customers will love. 

  1. Give Out Stickers to Customers

Start by rewarding your loyal customers with this fun freebie. People love to decorate personal items, like laptop covers and reusable water bottles, with fun, colorful stickers. If your customers start walking around with your stickers on their belongings, more people will catch sight of your branding and take notice.

  1. Bring Your Stickers to Trade Shows

Heading to a trade show soon? Trade show attendees are always looking for some fun freebies to take home with them.

Place a basket or two of your custom stickers in your trade show booth and encourage visitors to take one with them. This will help them remember your business long after the trade show ends and increase your chances of gaining future customers.

  1. Hand Stickers Out at Special Events

Don’t just bring your custom stickers to trade shows! Have them handy at any community or industry event you participate in. If you know that the event is family-friendly, consider designing a few branded stickers that will attract the attention of kids and make a connection with families. 

  1. Use Your Custom Stickers as Decor

Bold, graphic stickers have an urban aesthetic that people love. You can even use them to enhance the appearance of your business! Plus, when people see them on your walls, windows, and floors, they’ll be thrilled to discover that they can have one, for themselves.

  1. Use Stickers as Guerilla Marketing

Talk to other businesses about using your stickers as part of a guerilla marketing tactic. Ask if you can put your stickers on cab windows, work trucks, or the windows and floors of other businesses. The more visible your stickers are throughout your local area, the more effective they’ll be at creating brand awareness!

Remember, always ask first. If you start putting stickers up without permission, it may be considered graffiti!

Marketing With Stickers Can Make a Memorable Impact

Marketing with stickers is a great way to make a memorable impact on your consumer base. Stickers are low-cost, fun promotional items that everyone loves to collect!

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