Beauty and the Beast Rose May be Best gift to your loved one

Flowers are amongst one of the most popular gifts. They are a symbol of friendship, love and gratitude. If you want to display the same, then you can do so by gifting flowers. Gifting a bouquet of roses shows value and love for the other person you are gifting it to.

However, fortunately, there are much more options available now. Beauty and the beast rose is one of the creative flowers which is a perfect depiction of uniqueness, immortality and love. It is a gift that will please your loved one in all ways.

A memorable gift

As mentioned above, flowers are gifts are everlasting and evergreen. Most people love to receive flowers. However, real flowers fade in no time. It will lose all kinds of beauty. There are many people who want to gift a bouquet of flowers that will last a long time. This is how you leave a lasting impression on other people. Beauty and the beast rose is how you can show your sincere devotion to your loved ones.

This gift can be given to other people as a sign of love. It can not only be offered to relatives and friends but professionals colleagues as well. You can gift it to the bosses as a sign and symbol of gratitude. It can also be effectively used during special events.

For instance, if you want to celebrate your anniversary or friendship which has lasted now for over 10 years, then you can give this gift. It is an eternal gift which your loved one will cherish forever.

A real pleasure

Flowers are normally pleasure for your sight. The color and the beauty is extremely eye catching and will grab your attention drastically. Any room which has been decorated with flowers will automatically convert into a welcoming area. If the roses are placed in a glass dome, it will create a more decorative appearance.

Flowers are amongst one of the most popular gifts. They are a symbol of friendship, love and gratitude. If you want to display the same, then you can do so by gifting flowers. Gifting a bouquet of roses shows value and love for the other person you are gifting it to. There is no effort to send flowers to France, Norway, Poland or any other address in the world thanks to online delivery services.

The beauty and beast rose can be used as a centerpiece if you are having a romantic dinner with your loved one. It gives a romantic touch and vibe to the entire setting. You can also choose a rose as per your desire, need and preference. Most importantly, these roses are available in different colors such as blue, black and even multicolored. There are multitude of options that you can easily go for.

The description

Beauty and the beast rose is essentially a set of rose which includes colored silk rose. You can choose the color by yourself. It has an LED strip surrounding the rose. The petals of the colored rose are fallen at the bottom of the glass dome. The transparent glass dome makes it a beautiful option. There is a wooden base which ensures stability of the product. The base can also be selected in different materials. Most importantly, if you want to gift this rose to someone, you can choose an exquisite black gift box to make it appear more appealing.

The stems of the rose are easy to bend, in order to make it perfectly fit in the glass dome. Although the rose petals are fake, they almost look real. They are brightly colored and come in a soft texture. The reason why people purchase beauty and the beast rose is that the petals never fade.

The bright glass dome is around the height of 8 inches. The diameter of this dome is 3.8 inches. In terms of thickness, the dome is 0.2 inches. It is packaged in the most discreet and beautiful manner in order to make it a perfect gift choice.

When can it be gifted?

Beauty and the beast rose can be the perfect gift for different kinds of occasions. It can conveniently be gifted during different occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Anniversary.

Is there a warranty?

A lot of prospective customers have the question whether any warranty is offered if this product is purchased. Fortunately, there is a month’s replacement offered. This means that you can get it replaced for free.

Furthermore, there is also 180 day warranty and quality guarantee. You can contact the customer service center to ensure the quality of the product.

The enchanted rose

This rose comes in different models, shades and tones. This does not only work as a gift but can also be used as an effective decorative item within the house. It has creative aesthetic aspects. It can also be used as a night light. This means that beauty and beast rose has multiple functionality. Thus, this product can be used in different ways depending on how you want to use it.

You can even get customized options. The dome normally contains full flowers with cut flower or stem. On the other hand, you can just have the petals as well. You can also have two flowers within the dome, rather than just one. You can also keep stuffed animals within the dome to give a more creative appearance.

Different floral arrangements can be made within the dome only. There is a vast choice of color as well that can be chosen.

Where can you get this from?

Beauty and the beast rose can be found in many places. There are many local shops where you can find this product. However, if you want to remain convenient, then you can find it on different online shops.

Amazon is one of the online platforms where you can find this product easily. You may even find discounts over these online platforms.

The bottom line

Above is all that you need to know about this elegant products called beauty and the beast rose. However, once you purchase the product, you will get to know more about it.

The customer reviews regarding the product are highly positive. You must go through such customer reviews to gain practical insights into the experience of the product and therefore, make the right choice and gift it to your loved ones.