Women’s Watches: 4 Most Famous Timepieces by Longines

Of all the Swiss brands, Longines has the most widely varied and historically significant range of products. They were among the first prominent families to build a factory that produces all components under one roof, having established its roots in Saint Imier in 1832. They can boast of being Switzerland’s oldest trademarked logo, too. They were a primary provider of military and scientific applications throughout the early twentieth century because of their early involvement with materials and production capability.

Aviation was critical to Longines’ interests in the early days. The Longines name has been connected to aviation since the early 1920s, and several distinct versions were worn by pioneers hoping to beat one another’s distance records. The most amazing creations were the Lindberg and Weems models, which are still being manufactured today.

Longines watches: a taste of luxury

Although there used to be universal agreement that a top-quality manufacturer makes a Longines Watch for timing devices, the brand’s reputation has changed in the last 50 years.  The marketing tagline for Longines now is “Elegance is an attitude.” The endeavor to seem high class in everything about this “up close and personal” presentation of the brand implies the belief that it is in a class of its own. 

They organize activities that feature horseback riding, archery, tennis, and alpine skiing. Sports that have been left out include contact sports, car racing, and “tool watch application.” The prevailing idea is that possessing a Longines watch doesn’t necessarily need riches, but the luxury item may make a stylish statement for those who want to spend money on it. 

Longines Women’s Watches

Women adore traditional timepieces, and they are trendy at formal events when they are most appropriate. If you’re searching for something exceptional to offer as a present, these Longines collections are excellent choices. Take a look at the timeless designs that will undoubtedly catch the attention of elegant ladies.


This collection uses cases that recall the 1920s era when the typical shapes of watches are rectangular. The watch features a gorgeous blue dial with silver hands and numbers. Longines has a detachable strap mechanism that makes switching between the blue alligator strap and another option.

The Dolcevita Quartz L55128710 uses an 18K pink gold sapphire crystal that has excellent resistance to scratches. The markers are in Roman numerals, and the sundial for seconds is placed at six o’clock. Meanwhile, the Dolcevita Quartz L55024736 uses Arabic numerals for the hour markers, whereas the sundial for seconds is at the bottom part of the dial.


This watch is never out of style and has the quality to boot. It has been certified as a chronometer by the COSC and passed the tests to ensure excellent quality for its customers. It features a 30mm stainless steel case together with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The case back is transparent and is coated with anti-reflective material. 


It runs on automatic L592.4 caliber movement. For the hour markers, it uses Roman numerals. It also features a matte white dial together with blued steel hands. What makes this timepiece unique is its 45-hour power reserve and water-resistance of up to 3 bar.

La Grande Classique

If you’re looking for a touch of elegance, La Grande Classique is an excellent choice. If you look closely at the polished bezels, you will see that their thin shape ranges from 24mm to 36mm and manages to exude elegance. It boasts a charming mother of pearl dial, traditional black hands, and diamond indications on the hour and minute hands.

The La Grande Classique Quartz has hour markers written in Roman numerals inside a yellow gold case coupled with a black leather strap for a classic look. Because it just includes a time and date display, you can anticipate it to be far less expensive than its competitors. On the other hand, there are the Quartz Diamond and Automatic models of this timepiece collection.

Equipped with high-precision L420 caliber movement, the La Grande Classique Quartz Diamond features diamond hour markers paired with a dark blue dial. If you examine its bezel, you will find that it is studded with diamond pieces. Meanwhile, the La Grande Classique Automatic uses L591 caliber movement, featuring a black leather strap and Roman numeral markers inside a champagne dial and case.


Throughout the business history, Longines Heritage timepieces have stressed the original styles and designs that have made their imprint on the company. They introduced their items utilizing the most up-to-date technology, and they quickly rose to become one of the best-selling products on the market. Here are some of its most popular timepiece models.

Longines repurposed the diver watch model from the 1960s, but with an improved version, the Heritage Legend Diver. This watch is equipped with L888 caliber self-winding movement. Suppose you like to own a watch that looks like a British Royal Air Force aviation watch, getting yourself the Heritage Military. This one uses L888.2 caliber movement, and the antique model inspired the dial and strap design.

Lastly, the Heritage Avigation Type A-7 1935 has an off-centered dial, making it possible for pilots to keep their hands on the wheel while using the watch. It utilizes L788 caliber movement, equipped together with a 54-hour power reserve. Isn’t that amazing?

Where can I purchase my Longines timepiece?

The Longines brand is represented in many regions. In addition, Longines watches are available online through a variety of online shops. You can get your Longines luxury watch on WatchShopping.com. Customers may also buy straight from the company’s official e-shop on their website. Details such as the pricing, the product’s exact specifications, delivery, and the guarantee are all included.


Longines is a tribute to the enduring lovers of the classic timepiece. Even in recent times, it has maintained its status as one of the most sought-after watches in the world due to its long history. Well-known as the adage, simplicity is beauty. Thus, this beautiful watch remains true to its refined minimalism concept. WatchShopping.com has all your luxury watch desires, including Longines. Buy yours today!