Omega Features and Watch Collections You Must Know About!

Completeness and accomplishment—the meaning of Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet symbolizes. We seek time for our success and integration, thus it is the very purpose of the Omega Watch. A brief history of this line of luxurious watches began in 1848 in Switzerland, founded by Louis Brandt at such a genius age of 23. 


Omega watches boosted from one to a famous most-sought watch in Switzerland just within four years. Its success was grounded by the watch’s quality properties—mainly, its easily interchangeable parts and the simplicity of its structure. This brand gained popularity over the years because of its consistent quality and accurateness. 


Now, after a century has passed after the birth of this time-keeping gem, time itself has proved Omega watches to be worthy and high-class. Over time, its notable features remained consistently quality and its top models have been reproduced all over the world.


Omega Watch Features


There are lots of luxurious and excellent watch brands you can compare to Omega, but nothing is better known to have the most accuracy than the Omega brand itself. Thus, it is one of the most helpful features of Omega watches. Since Omega manufactures both mechanical and quartz watches. Since these quartz watches are more accurate than the former, in terms of overall accuracy comparing the two most famous watch brands, Rolex goes second place over Omega watches.


Water Resistance

Omega has produced an excellent diver’s watch with its securely sealed protective structure that prevents water to penetrate inside the watch processor. These water resistance diving watches are made to have a helium release valve. This equipment was made to protect the watch from disruptions and damage when at a decompressed level, such as underwater. One of Omega’s diver’s watch models is ProProf 1200m, which can go 1,200 meters/4,000 feet.


Magnetic Resistance

If you are a watchmaker or even a watch collector, you would know what it means for a watch to have an anti-magnetic property. However, even if you don’t quite get the advantage of it, the anti-magnetic feature of a watch prevents the negative effect of such magnetic fields on a mechanical watch from those who don’t have this feature. Thank goodness, the Omega watch offers the best high-quality protection devices for your wristwatches. In simple terms, the magnetic resistance property of Omega can sustain high magnetic exposures. With this, you can be sure and safe that your timekeeper will always be accurate wherever electric emitting devices it is exposed to.


Modest Price

Compared to Rolex, Omega can have some of the most affordable luxurious watches. With all its features and models, your money is worth the price of one high-quality Omega model that best suits you and your lifestyle.


Popular Models

The Omega watch models were specifically created and structured with materials exclusive to your particular profession or work. Omega integrated different watch models that will best suit your activity and errands wherever and whatever it is. Thus, it was the most favorable for any professional worker, aside from its luxurious appearance, it has benefits, purposes, and protection exactly made for you.


Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

The Omega watch brand has an iconic history. Omega Speedmaster was the first-ever that visited the moon, together with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. This model gained its name “speed” because it was the world premiere’s structure of a tachymeter ring encircling the dial. While the latter addition name “master” was because of its specifically profession-oriented watches.


Omega Seamaster

In the present time, this Omega model is being famously known as the James Bond watch. It is typically made, in accord with the name attached to it, for sailors and divers. It has a water resistance that can go deep of about 600 meters / 2,000 feet and it can withstand depths to 1,200 meters or 4,000 feet. This model line has many similar products associated with this divers’ collection: the 1971 Seamaster Ploprof, Omega Seamaster professional 300 and Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M, and many more.


Omega Constellation

This Omega designer model is known for its elegant look and extremely accurate movement. The Constellation Deluxe, another of its models, came with its gold appearance while the Omega Constellation has gold and steel in its case dressing. However, the Constellation Grand Luxe is structured with a gold and platinum finish, which made it look so refined and attractive to the eyes. This collection called the Constellation Manhattan was released to the market in 1982.


Omega De Ville

This individual collection used to be part of the Seamaster collection for years until it has its line of products. This classic watch of Omega De Ville was multi-awarded by its simple yet classic-looking design that attracted millions, making it a timeless beauty and quality masterpiece. 


The mentioned models above are only the top Omega models of this time. This brand of watch has an enormous number of models that you can choose for your particular personality, work, profession, and style. Omega watches have gone through a century of experiences, improvements, technology, manual improvements, and the advancement of their very own watchmaker company.  


Final Thoughts

This brand of watch has a wide range of models with a distinct combination of features that ensure to best suit your wrist. It is made to be a comfortable wrist accessory that can sit on your wrist without hassle or negative effects on the skin. 


Omega, adding to this brand’s amazing historical achievement, is that one watch brand that has an affiliation with space, namely NASA. Since Omega focused on giving a more accurate, useful wristwatch specifically attributed to pilots and astronauts. It has also been known to partner with the global Olympic sports. Adored for its precise timing and superb distinction among many luxurious brands, it has also won the hearts of many for its easy-fixability by any watchmaker. 


With Omega watches, you can expect it will give you a high-quality performance for timekeeping for years. Approved and tested by many, it has been all over the market up-and-up for over a century since its birth. Experience a stunning masterpiece by just timekeeping!