Wish to Resolve a Loan Dispute? We Are Here to Help!

Credit disputes with banks are a very common phenomenon, since during the crisis many borrowers are unable to fulfill their obligations to financial institutions. This applies not only to individuals but also to legal entities, be it unsuccessful operation, failed deal, unscrupulous partner. There can be many reasons for financial difficulties.

However, delays are only the tip of the iceberg. It will be followed by a trial and a court with the bank, the accrual of fines and penalties, and often the discovery of the most unfavorable terms of the loan agreement, the existence of which the borrower did not even know, because they were either printed in very small print, or were contained in an addendum to the loan agreement.

Unfortunately, the law, as well as the court that is guided by it, very often takes the position of a creditor in disputable situations. Nevertheless, there is always a way out of the situation. This can be an installment plan or deferred payment under a loan agreement, credit holidays, changing the terms of the agreement by mutual agreement, attracting a guarantor, changing the subject of pledge, etc.

The optimal solution to the problem, according to the law, is to offer an experienced loan attorney. If you are a student and dealing with student loan issues, use the private student loan settlement method to get out of troubles.

Have a loan dispute? We Offer Prompt Legal Assistance!

The company “Slinko and Partners” offers high-quality legal services in credit matters. Our team consists of experienced lawyers with many years of experience in the field of law, deep knowledge of law and economics, as well as experience in law enforcement and regulatory agencies, including financial structures. We guarantee our clients the most effective resolution of any conflict, if the interests of the client in the dispute are represented by our credit attorney. And these are not empty words! The practice of K ompanii indicates that 9 3 % of our specialist involvement in the case, the issue was resolved with the minimum cost for the customer and maximize the positive result.

Legal assistance on loans may include:

  • Legal advice on lending issues, including clarification of the current legislation and the existing judicial practice of resolving the issue;
  • Analysis of loan agreements, as well as other bank documents, before signing, in order to identify risks and the availability of material benefits for the client;
  • Preparation of appeals, statements, petitions to the bank;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in a bank or other credit institution;
  • Litigation with banks ;
  • Protection of the client’s interests if the bank has filed a lawsuit;
  • Appeal against the loan agreement (file a lawsuit against the bank);
  • Appeal against a surety agreement;
  • Appeal against a mortgage agreement;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in court (defense is carried out by a qualified lawyer in banking disputes);
  • Appeal against court decisions on a credit dispute;
  • Solving any problems at the stage of execution of a court decision on credit disputes, representing the client’s interests in the state executive service or in communication with a private contractor.