Why buy business webmail from resellers?

As a small business owner, it can be tempting to opt for free webmail for your company, particularly if you have a small staff.


Yes, getting the free webmail for your business from Gmail or Yahoo may sound lucrative as you are starting out, but the advantages of getting a business email outweigh the cost incurred.


Let’s take a look at all the benefits of choosing a business email over free webmail for your business.


Why use business webmail

Aside from giving your email address a professional look, a business email address invokes certain confidence in the recipient, easing their worries about malware and other malicious intent.


Here are the main reasons why you should choose to buy a business email over free webmail.


  • Custom domain

Personal email service will give you a generic domain name like janesmith@gmail.com. Let’s face it. It doesn’t really inspire great professional confidence.


However, when you use business webmail, the email addresses come with a custom domain name like janesmith@businessname.com. An official email address like this on a business card, a website, or even on an email looks more professional, alleviating worries about spam and other meaningless content.


  • Unlimited sharing and storage

Business or enterprise accounts on webmail providers come with the perks of storage and easy sharing. You get the advantage of unlimited shared and personal storage. Shared inboxes make it easy to provide tiered access in one go without worrying about remembering to add each individual member.


It is also convenient to revoke access to files and emails when an employee leaves the organization. As they can simply be removed from the team instead of having to revoke access from each file.


  • Real-time collaboration

Multiple apps within the product suite can make real-time collaboration a breeze. It is particularly of great advantage when it comes to scheduling meetings or other work-related events.


Once you have access to a shared calendar, it is easy to schedule internal meetings without any clashes and countless back and forth emails, trying to find a convenient time slot for everyone involved.


  • Integration with other apps

You can easily amplify the benefits of a workplace business email by integrating it with your CRM or other third-party applications you need in your regular business work-day.


This means your entire team can manage their work from within one workspace without switching between multiple applications. It increases productivity while adding convenience to regular work processes.


  • Enterprise-grade security

Personal emails are challenging to manage by IT, so it is more difficult to track any suspicious activity from any employee’s personal email address.


Additionally, with free email providers, there is a possibility that your email provider is scanning through the emails and accessing all the sensitive information on your emails. Another challenge here is that you do not have control over the password policy, leading to your employees choosing weak passwords and making your systems vulnerable to malicious attacks.


Allay these worries by going for a business webmail provider and enjoying enterprise-grade security.


Advantages of buying business email from resellers

There are two ways to buy business email – directly from the providers like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, etc., or through a reseller.


It may make sense for a massive enterprise or corporate client to go directly to the webmail provider. However, for first-time users or startups, a reseller is clearly the sensible choice. Let’s take a look at the advantages of choosing the reseller route for business emails.


  1. Professional local support

You may choose the best possible business email provider. Still, you are bound to run into some issues occasionally. Getting through to the right technical support can give you a headache and involves a considerable amount of time spent on calls or email exchanges. When you buy your business webmail from a reseller, you can simply report your issue to them. The reseller will then either solve it themselves or handle the entire conversation with the service provider, leaving you free to focus on your business operations.


  1. Seamless migration

Getting into an entirely new business webmail system does involve a fair bit of work and can get intimidating for someone who is doing it for the first time. The business email providers often do not provide much assistance with the migration process, and if you do not do it right, chances are you will lose important data in the process.


A reseller can help you with personalized support to ease your entire migration process from your current email system. It is particularly useful for businesses that do not have an extensive IT department.


  1. Help with setup and custom settings

Every business needs a different set of applications according to its unique needs. Buying directly from the service provider can often give you a generic set of tools that may include apps that you don’t really need and miss out on other tools that may be of great use to you.


A reseller lets you pick and choose just the apps you need and set them up with custom settings so that you can leverage the applications in the most beneficial way.


  1. Training and support

Even after the entire email system has been set up perfectly, your team members may need initial training and continued support to overcome some of the fundamental challenges. It is improbable that you will get that kind of dedicated assistance from the provider.


A reseller has the responsibility to ensure that the entire team is trained on the best way to use the system and provide assistance when needed.


  1. Cost is similar (sometimes lower)

Despite all this assistance and benefits you get from buying your business email from a reseller, it doesn’t cost you even one extra penny. In fact, some resellers even give you a lucrative discount on the regular prices.



Wrapping up, it is safe to say that getting a business email is a much better way to ensure professional confidence in your business. When you have a custom domain name at the end of your email address, the recipients feel a little more sure about your authenticity and authority.


However, it can be a challenge to implement everything on your own. A reseller takes care of all the initial teething troubles and sets you and the team up for success!