Where to Find Every Doll (and What They’re For) in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Throughout their investigation of the Abbey in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players will come across Dolls; however, it is not immediately evident what they use for. To completely explore the Abbey grounds and learn what these dolls are used for, players must locate every Doll. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, exploring the Abbey grounds is essential to acquiring Arcane Knowledge levels and Arcane Keys. Higher levels will reward the player with better loot by using these keys to unlock Arcane Chests. It will enable the Hunter to advance more quickly through Marvel’s Midnight Suns and discover more about their closest allies.

First Doll Location

Players must open the Dreamer’s Descent location to find every Doll in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. After the initial Blood Gate has opened, this is possible. Can open several doors throughout the Abbey Grounds once the Hunter has successfully used the first Word of Power. The player can find most of the dolls in Dreamer’s Descent. Therefore this will also include the one in there. The Hunter can also find these sites by asking Charlie to go while he explores. The Hunter will probably discover the first Doll on the altar. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as the Hunter approaches, a cutscene will start, and they will see a doll of their father, whom the Hunter has no memory of. But before the cutscene is over, the Hunter will reflect briefly.

Second Doll Location

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the second Doll to located north and west of the altar. The Hunter can proceed in that direction up the path until they reach a wooden bridge. Can find the second Doll nearby, with a blue flame.

Third Doll Location

As far southeast as the Hunter may travel along a road, directly across Dreamer’s Descent from the previous Doll in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there will be a table and two more blue lamps. The third Doll will be standing in between those torches. A nearby Arcane Chest is also present.

Fourth Doll Location

The Hunter must proceed and enter the Stone Terrace area to obtain the final Doll. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, this is also the location of the Standing Stones puzzle and the subsequent Blood Gate. Find more blue torches by continuing on the path to the south. The final Doll will be in a barrel. The player’s Arcane Knowledge will be improved when all the dolls are combined. The Hunter will solve the riddle and reveal some of Marvel’s Midnight Suns lore if everything returns to the original altar with the first Doll. Finding the dolls and putting them back where they belong will give the player a better understanding of the Hunter. The dolls symbolized the individuals closest to the Hunter when they were children.