Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Prepare Raspberry Boba Tea

Raspberry Boba Tea is one of many delectable dishes brought to Disney Dream light Valley during the 2022 holiday season update. The Gingerbread House, Fruitcake, and Yule Log to added, as well as a variety of sweet beverages such as Mochas, Lattes, and Hot Cocoa. Ordinary Boba Tea, Coconut Boba Tea, Gooseberry Boba Tea, Mint Boba Tea, & Raspberry Boba Tea are some of the fans’ preferred Boba Tea concoctions. Except for the ordinary variation, all Boba Tea drinks supply players with over a thousand points in Energy; they are both beautiful and nourishing drinks to enjoy while working in the Valley.

In Disney Dream light Valley, the Raspberry Boba Tea recipe calls for raspberries, sugarcane, and Milk. Raspberries a Fruit found in the Valley’s Plaza and Peaceful Meadow biomes.

These two zones are located in the global map’s center and accessible from the start of the game. Furthermore, players can gather raspberries from the waist-high Raspberry Bushes across the biomes. When harvested, these plants generate three stacks of berries and will reproduce their berries in 17 minutes.

Raspberry Boba Tea Recipe from Disney Dream light Valley

Assume Dreamers cannot locate the Raspberry Bushes in the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow. In that situation, Quick Tips on YouTube recommends accessing the map and hunting for green apple icons within the biomes. Players can also use the Furniture Edit function to relocate the bushes and place the Raspberry nodes in more convenient locations for easier access. Sugarcane, a cultivable crop purchased at Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach, the biome east and south of the Peaceful Meadow, is the second component in Disney Dream light Valley’s Raspberry Boba Tea. Players can purchase Sugarcane Seeds, plant them, then wait 7 minutes for them to grow. They can also purchase the material directly from Goofy for a little greater price.

Milk is the third and final component in Disney Dream light Valley’s Raspberry Boba Tea, which can only obtain from Chez Remy, the restaurant run by Remy, the rat chef. Remy and his restaurant become available after players bring him back from the Ratatouille realm, which may access through the Dream Castle’s interior. Remy will agree to return to the Valley when players complete his lengthy cooking mission. After paying Mc Duck to construct Chez Remy, players can purchase Milk from the restaurant’s kitchen. After combining their three ingredients in a pot, players can prepare Raspberry Boba Tea and present it to their Villagers to advance their Festive Star Path in Disney Dream light Valley.