What Accomplishes Alice in Borderland’s Joker Card Mean? and Is Season 3 Already Set Up by It?

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland, which conclude with the appearance of a Joker card, had been absent until that point. Arisu and his companions defeated all of the Face Card games and finished the Borderland challenge after two seasons of playing various dangerous card games. As their reward, they to give the option to decide whether to remain in Borderland. This decision result in Arisu and most of the characters from Alice in Borderland waking up in what seem to be the final scene.

Usagi and Arisu have no recollection of what transpire when they were at Borderland. In reality, only a single minute had gone. The Alice in Borderland season 2 finale explains that the Borderland battle royale games were individuals battling to survive in the real world, which is how they were able to awaken after winning all the games and deciding to leave Borderland. What might the Joker card represent, though, if Arisu and Usagi were back in the actual world, as seen in the season 2 finale of Alice in Borderland?

Joker Card Meaning in the Manga for Alice in Borderland

The Joker card does not appear in the Alice in Borderland manga games, which is similar to what transpire in the Netflix series. All Borderlands residents, however, are offer the option of remaining in Borderlands or not once Arisu wins the Queen of Hearts game, the final Alice in Borderland game. Like Usagi and most other prominent characters from Season 2 of Alice in Borderland, Arisu decides to leave the Borderlands. The Joker, a mysterious character who acts as Alice in Borderland’s interpretation of Charon, the ferryman of the dead in Greek mythology, appears to Arisu at that point.

Through the Joker in the Alice Borderland comic, those who made the decision to leave the Borderlands made their way back to the real world. The world Arisu was residing in was a type of purgatory, something that resided on edge between life and death, as the season two conclusion of Alice in Borderland reveals. Because every single individual, including Arisu, was actually fighting for their life in the real world., the Alice in Borderland games were about survival. They would have to decide whether to leave Borderland or live again after the Netflix series, which is why the Joker play the ferryman.

How does the Joker Card in the Season 2 Finale of Alice in Borderland Differ From the Manga?

The Joker card was not include in the season 2 finale of Alice in Borderland on Netflix the same way it was in the manga. Season 2 of Alice in Borderland does not even feature the enigmatic Joker character from the comic. Arisu instead had a spiritual encounter with Chota and Karube, who passed away at the start of Alice in Borderland season 1 after defeating the Queen of Hearts and making the decision to leave Borderland. Arisu woke up in the real world without assistance from the Joker figure after having one last talk with his buddies. The Joker card to use in the live-action Alice in Borderland Netflix adaption, but there was a catch.

The Alice in Borderland season 2 finale featured a bizarre zoom-in view of a Joker card inside the hospital where Arisu, Usagi, and all the other characters had been hiding out during the entire episode in the real world. A tease for a future Alice in Borderland season 3 is provide by the image of the Joker card in the season 2 conclusion, which implies that Arisu still has to win the Joker game. However, as there isn’t a Joker game in the manga, any Joker-relate content for season 3 of Alice in Borderland would have to be made specifically for the program.