Michael Keaton’s return in The Flash will end the argument over Burton’s Batman canon

The Flash, a film that can end arguments over Tim Burton’s Batman canon, features Michael Keaton’s comeback as Batman. The Flash, which will be both a Barry Allen story and a multiverse adventure, is still one of the most significant DC publications in recent years, even though plans for the DC Universe’s future have changed numerous times. It has been announced that iconic components like Keaton’s Batcave and the Batmobile will appear in The Flash from the DC Extended Universe.

It’s unclear how exactly Keaton’s Batman and that version of The Dark Knight will fit into Barry’s plot, but The Flash is already a celebration of Keaton and Burton’s heritage as the creators of Batman. For instance, the image of Keaton’s Batman in the Batcave in the DC FanDome teaser for The Flash perfectly encapsulates the style of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns. However, Keaton’s Batman tale has continued after Batman Returns before, not just in The Flash.

After Batman Returns, There Are 3 Versions Of Keaton’s Batman

What happened to Michael Keaton’s Batman after Batman Returns has three potential explanations. Would have presented the first by Tim Burton’s Batman 3, the abandoned Batman Returns sequel. According to rumors, Keaton’s Batman would have faced the Riddler, Two-Face, and Catwoman in Burton’s upcoming Batman 3 film, which was to be titled Batman Continues. The sequels to Batman Returns for a very long period, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin by Joel Schumacher provide the second response. Finally, by revisiting some of Burton’s concepts, the Batman ’89 comics provide yet another account of what transpired with Keaton’s Batman following Batman Returns.

Whether Batman Returns received a sequel is, therefore, a semantic one. The Flash will provide a more convincing response to the canon query of Tim Burton’s Batman timeline by revisiting Michael Keaton’s Batman in live-action for the first time since Batman Returns. It will be challenging for the Schumacher Batman films to continue functioning as Batman Returns sequels since that Keaton is resuming his role as Batman, something he didn’t do for Batman Forever. The Batman ’89 comics’ status as “Burton Batman canon” will also depend on whether Michael Keaton’s Batman had a Robin called Drake Winston after Batman Returns.

Will Batman from Michael Keaton Make a Comeback After The Flash?

Michael Keaton’s reappearance as Batman in The Flash initially appeare to be a long-term plotline for the DC Extend Universe. In the end, Michael Keaton would have played Batman in the Batgirl movie. Furthermore, J.K. Simmons, who played Gordon in Justice League, the film in which Ben Affleck played Batman, suggested that Keaton would have taken Affleck’s place as the DCEU Batman. Michael Keaton-starring Batman Beyond, was supposedly also in production (via The Hot Mic Podcast). But now that Batgirl has to be shelved and DC Studios appears to be revamping the DC Universe, Michael Keaton’s comeback as Batman might just be a one-time affair.

As Batgirl indicated, there would oddly be four other Batman universes if Michael Keaton’s Batman had joined the main DCEU reality. Since the character would suddenly exist in a universe where Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League exist, Keaton playing the DCEU’s first Batman role would have retrospectively transformed his entire film tale. Seeing Michael Keaton interact with other DC superheroes would have been fun, even though it could have made the DCEU’s timeline a little bit more perplexing. After The Flash, it’s unclear if Michael Keaton’s Batman will continue to appear in DC movies.