Wally West Is DC’s Most Relatable Flash Because of His Secret Weakness

The strongest comic book characters can be found in the DC Universe. The only speedster with a particular biological weakness is Wally West’s Flash, and it’s the most understandable handicap he could have. While many have distinguishable weaknesses, such as Superman’s aversion of Kryptonite.

The Flash is one of the few DC heroes who are genuinely capable of time travel. Not to mention that every one of the Flashes are so quick that they can outrun any other hero. DC typically employs a weakness of some kind to try and balance out a hero’s power where they can, like with Green Lantern’s former sensitivity to the color yellow or wood or Superman’s kryptonite weakness. But until Wally West arrived on the scene, The Flash didn’t have a specific vulnerability. And in doing so, he exposed unexpectedly human frailty.

Wally West was different from earlier Flashes like Jay Garrick or Barry Allen, who possessed unmatched speed at their disposal but no discernible flaws. It was mentioned when Wally arrived that, in contrast to his two predecessors, Wally possessed an incredibly human vulnerability. Flash Facts by Mark Waid and Paris Cullins discussed this. 

In this summary of the three Flashes, the reader is inform of Flash’s superhuman traits and powers, including how they function scientifically and why no one recognize Jay Garrick, who famously wore no mask. Flash Facts also discusses Wally’s particular flaw: he must consume an absurd amount of food daily.

Wally Must Eat Thousands of Calories, Or He Runs the Risk of Dying

Wally West Is DC's Most Relatable Flash Because of His Secret Weakness

The Flash Facts show that Wally’s need to consume excessive calories each day is both his greatest and his lone physical weakness. If he doesn’t, he runs the chance of passing out while battling crime, which is not desirable. Nearly all of DC’s heroes are colossal figures; Superman and Wonder Woman, for example, have almost divine powers, and their flaws are equally ridiculous. The Flash, as played by Wally West, is one of DC’s most relatable characters right now; a recent writer even issued a name-guessing challenge to fans for Wally West’s unborn child.

Wally West is considerably more relatable and human than Superman or most other DC heroes who have godlike powers and flaws to match. Wally West’s weakness is something so simple as just wanting nourishment.