The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s greatest moments in 2022

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had enough intriguing and unexpected moments to last a lifetime in 2022, even though Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise has had a hectic year.

 Beverly Hills’s women have enthralled viewers since 2010 with their intense rivalry, unintentionally funny situations, and opulent lifestyles. Kyle Richards, the original housewife, RHOBH season 12, which ran from May to October, included Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and newcomer Diana Jenkins. The cast also included Kathy Hilton and Sheree Zampino, Kyle’s sisters.

Despite the franchise’s long history and loyal fan base, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 was one of the most contentious and dramatic seasons yet. Fans who believe there will eventually be a season 13 of RHOBH have been busy speculating about who will return and who will be fired, even though the show is now on indefinite hiatus. Several moments have affected viewers more than any others, despite the fact that many Bravo fans feel that some RHOBH stars let them down this year. Here are some of the Beverly Hills housewives’ most memorable 2022 performances.

When Sutton Stracke Ate Dinner While Carrying (Literally) Receipts

Sutton is a popular housewife love by the public; however, since she joined the RHOBH cast for season 11, she has frequently found herself at odds with Crystal, Lisa, and Erika. On RHOBH season 12, Sutton made up with Erika and Crystal, but she could not resolve her disagreement with Lisa regarding tickets to the annual charity gala for Elton John.

Lisa stated that Sutton had canceled their dinner and owed her an apology, while Harry said that Sutton had purchased Lisa and Sutton Hamlin’s tickets but had not been thanked. Sutton responded to Lisa’s charge at dinner by bringing forth receipts that showed she had indeed purchased Lisa and Harry’s gala tickets, shocking Lisa and the other housewives in the process. Sutton was called disrespectful and immature by Lisa, Erika, and Diana, but Lisa’s surprise Pikachu meme face reveal the truth to Bravo viewers.

When Jamie Lee Curtis Made Dorit Kemsley Feel Like a Star

Several well-known celebrities have been guests on RHOBH (including Elton John), but Jamie Lee Curtis’s appearance on season 12 of the show garnered the most glowing reviews. To promote her charity and the goods it sold, Jamie, who has known Kyle for years and was briefly seen back on RHOBH season 4, made a cameo appearance on RHOBH season 12.

No one was more delighted to be around Jamie than Dorit, who could hardly maintain her composure and referred to every product Jamie showed as “elegant.” At the same time, spectators at home enjoyed watching Jamie connect with the ladies. Fans couldn’t get over Dorit’s admiration for Jamie despite all the abuse she endured during RHOBH season 12, especially after Jamie stated that Dorit’s enthusiasm during the RHOBH season 12 reunion drove her to rename her organization. It turns out that even individuals in the entertainment industry are mesmerize by their favorite celebrities in the same way.

Date of Purchase of Garcelle Beauvais’s First Birkin Bag

Date of Purchase of Garcelle Beauvais's First Birkin Bag

Since her debut on RHOBH season 10, Garcelle has been a fan-favorite housewife, much like Sutton. Garcelle was frank about her reluctance to shell out the tens of thousands of dollars required to acquire a Hermès Birkin bag throughout RHOBH season 12. It contrasts with other RHOBH stars like Erika and Kyle, who are not afraid to spend significant money on clothing and accessories.

RHOBH viewers who also desired an expensive bag but couldn’t afford it could understandably relate to Garcelle’s concern and hoped that would grant Garcelle’s wish. Garcelle organized a “Birkin and Bubbles” party for her co-stars near the end of RHOBH season 12. She ultimately fulfilled her ambition by finally splurging and purchasing her first Birkin. Garcelle’s trip was one of the better ones that came full circle during RHOBH season 12.

When Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton Finally Squabbled

The major conflict between Kathy and Lisa, revealed to the media in early 2022, was the dominant aspect of RHOBH this year. Lisa accused Kathy of having a violent breakdown after a night out in Aspen, but the argument regrettably took place off-camera. Kathy countered that Lisa made up the story to increase the drama on RHOBH and make herself appear better.

In front of Andy Cohen, the other housewives, and fans at home, Kathy and Lisa eventually faced off during the historic RHOBH season 12 reunion in October to discuss the incident. Throughout RHOBH season 12, Lisa referred to Kathy’s actions as “abusive.” She defended her heinous behavior, while Kathy referred to Lisa as “Hollywood’s worst bully,” The entire series will remember Lisa and Kathy’s fight as one of the most memorable in terms of altercations.

In Aspen, Erika Jayne Unveiling Her True Self

In Aspen, Erika Jayne Unveiling Her True Self

While everyone was talking about Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen, Erika also had several meltdowns during RHOBH season 12. Erika often react defensively whenever her legal troubles were brought up, as happen on RHOBH season 11, and she even suggest that the defendants in Tom Girardi’s embezzlement lawsuit were lying. While didn’t document Kathy’s outburst in Aspen, Erika’s was swiftly turning any remaining RHOBH season 12 viewers who pitied her against her.

Erika also experienced several meltdowns during RHOBH season 12 while everyone talked about Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen. Erika frequently responded defensively whenever her legal issues were brought up, as was the case during RHOBH season 11. She even implied that the defendants in Tom Girardi’s embezzlement lawsuit were telling the truth. Erika’s tantrum, which quickly turn any remaining RHOBH season 12 viewers who had sympathy for her against her, was documented, but Kathy’s outburst in Aspen was not.

The Housewives Were Confuse By Dorit Kemsley’s Charity

On RHOBH season 12, Jamie’s charity had a clear name and mission, but Dorit’s organization, Homeless Not Toothless, couldn’t say the same. Despite Dorit’s dedication to the cause and its admirable goal of offering free dental care to needy people, the housewives struggled to recall the organization’s name. Kyle attempted to correct her sister Kathy after she accidentally referred to the charity as “Toothless And Homeless,” but she too mispronounced the organization’s name.

The housewives couldn’t stop giggling despite Dorit’s obvious displeasure with the situation; Nobody could repeat the name when Bravo’s producers asked the women to in their confessionals. As the amusing icing on the cake, Sutton respectfully said, “They might rename that organization. Although viewers are happy that season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is over, the convoluted name of Homeless Not Toothless was only a temporary breath of new air.