Virtual Ways To Attract Audience

Did you know more than 89% of the audience has shifted their means of connection online? This was supposed to happen either today or tomorrow. Initially, it seemed to be a difficult option but now after two years i.e. 2020 & 2021 the pandemic people have been comfortable this way.

This is also the reason because most companies, event organizers are adopting it way faster than was expected. We have got you covered, here are a few virtual event engagement ideas that can be implemented in your event.


  1. Create Event Hype

Creating hype for your event before the start of the actual event can help you attain a larger audience. You can use hashtags to define your event and make sure it’s a unique and creative one. Something that should sound interesting enough to attract the target audience. Social media is the best place to achieve such goals. Because of the vast audience presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube your job gets much smoother.


  1. Gaming Sessions

It depends upon your preference, you can either choose to organise it before, during or after the event. But games are always an interesting part, and people love to participate in such competitions. You can announce prizes for winners that will automatically bring you, attendees. And it can turn out to be an interesting as well interactive session overall.


  1. Speaker

Yes! famous speakers’ names can push your event a little more towards achieving your event success goal. A great speaker is someone who has vast knowledge of his subject and can clearly communicate it to the present audience. Sitting in a chair attending such a session can be boring. So, your event speaker should have zeal to wake up the audience and make the event more interactive.


  1. Breaks & Timing

It’s totally justified to give attendees a small 5-10 mins break between the sessions if your event is supposed to be longer. It’s a virtual event and attendees may get tired sitting in the same position, breaks will allow them to stretch a little and grab a cup of coffee or so. Secondly try to keep your event shorter than usual, because the event is offline time just flew interacting with each other. But sitting alone in a room attending the sessions can make attendees feel time is longer than usual.


  1. Welcome Kit 

Attendees love free gifts and showing it off over different social media platforms. A smart practice used by businesses to promote themselves. Experts say around 7 out of 10 people thank the sender by posting freebies pictures on social media platforms. This is also a sweet gesture and will also bring a sense of connectivity among the event and attendees. One of those virtual event engagement ideas is that you can send a box of happiness containing chocolates, a welcome card or anything you feel fits best. Best part is that it can be customized according to your budget.


  1. Event Survey

Make your attendees, your team, sponsors that they are important for your event. Ask for their suggestions on how things can be made better. Give them survey forms to fill up and let their thoughts integrate into this. This will bring your event to an improved stage and you can host better events. Feedbacks will let you know where you’re lacking and once all the loose loop are closed your event will attain great success