Stunning gold bracelet designs for girls

Wearing a gold bracelet is the best way to evoke and enhance your wrist’s grace. It is an important accessory that can enliven your outfit – be it traditional or western in a matter of seconds. Compliment your bracelet with your outfit and you are good to go. With the myriad of patterns, metals, and designs this contemporary hand jewel is great for women from all age groups. Moreover, considering their uniqueness you can also pass on your gold bracelets as heirloom pieces.

So, why wait for more, let’s discover the exquisite latest bracelet designs.


#1. The Infinity Knot Bracelet:

This bracelet features a super cute infinity love motif. The forever design of this bracelet provides you with a new fun way of flaunting your lovable relationship. It is a lightweight design that you can easily carry irrespective of the occasion. The simplicity of this bracelet makes it a popular choice among teens and married women alike. You can effortlessly wear it with your tees, denim, skirts, suit, or sarees.


#2. The CutWork Pattern Gold Bracelet:

As their name suggests, these bracelets have an exotic motif arranged in a cutwork pattern attached to a thin gold chain. These bracelets are very unique. They are likely to grab attention instantly. The most sought-after design in cutwork bracelets is the ones featuring flower motifs. You can bracelet with rose motifs, Tulips, daisies, dahlia, lily, and a lot more. Want more? You can also find similar earrings to complete your look. To find this ethereal set look no further than Melorra.

#3. The Banglet:

Banglet is a bracelet style that combines the sturdiness of bangles and the aesthetic appearance of bracelets. These bracelets basically use different kinds of gold chains such as box chains, cable chains, or snake chains with multiple locks for a firm closure. These bracelets have options ranging from high polished gold chains to rich colored enamels. And the important thing to note here is that these bracelets have an easy locking system which discards the need for other people to help you.

#4. Gemstone Bracelet:

If you love gemstones, these are the bracelets you need to own. Featuring bright-colored gemstone, these bracelets carry value and unusual charm. The vibrant hues of gemstones add a colorful vibe to your outfit. They look appealing and add sophistication to your style. The various options available in gemstone bracelets are:

  • Regular Stone bracelet– These bracelet designs are relatively simpler. They simply embed a single high polished stone to bring out a sober elegance.
  • Flexible Stone bracelet– These bracelets are designed to move freely over your wrist. These are apt for ladies who admire dangling jewels.
  • Charm Stone Bracelet– Charm bracelets feature dainty charms studded with colorful gemstones.



All of the bracelet designs discussed above are lightweight and will easily fit your style as well as your pocket. So, be accessorized with these pretty trendy bracelets. Whichever you pick these bracelets designs are going to pull the crowd towards you.