The Guernsey St John Health Care Shop will close due to rising living costs

Due to the “difficult economic situation,” a charity healthcare shop has made the “heartbreaking” decision to close.

Due to the cost of the living problem and other “unavoidable factors,” St John Commercial Services in Guernsey announced it would close its shop in Rohais.

The board stated that it would close “with grief” and support its employees.

The shop is independent of the St John Ambulance and Rescue Service, whose related will not impact charity and operations.

According to the shop, St John Training Services will continue functioning, providing first aid training to businesses and the community.

Historically, “net cash” from the shop, raised through selling healthcare supplies to islanders and businesses, has been donated to the “broader charitable endeavours” of St John charities in Guernsey.

A board of directors governs it, which investigated a “variety of strategic options” to salvage the company, but they “did not seem practical,” according to the shop.

“It is with sadness and regret that we have had to make this extremely difficult decision,” said Ben Le Huray, chairman of the board of St John Commercial Services.

For everyone involved, this has been a terrible, soul-searching experience.

He blamed the decision on Covid, Brexit, a poor retail atmosphere, a “recessionary era,” the cost of living crisis, and an earlier this year flood in the shop.

Mr. Le Huray said his thoughts were with “hard-working personnel” who will support him during this “uncertain and challenging moment.”