Starting from the Bottom to Build Generational Wealth, Peter Szabo Shows Hows It’s Done

Peter Szabo, self-made millionaire and founder of LEADEVO Inc. (the company behind the Source Hacker System), knows what it’s like to start from the bottom while building a business from scratch. Having grown up in a household with limited funds while watching his parents get scammed out of money due to a multi-level marketing scheme, Peter was well aware of the financial struggles that adults often experienced when he was only 11 years old. However, the thought of his parents struggling with finances left him yearning for more while on a quest to make it happen.

What started as a simple Google search on how to make money online led to him selling services on different platforms, including Facebook and Fiverr, where he’d earn around $1 a day in the beginning. While a dollar wasn’t much, consistency was critical, and it paid off when he started making up to $100 per day.

Despite being only 11 years old and knowing little to no English, Peter Szabo had been on a mission to help his family after the failed investment. Feeling inspired after watching a movie, The Secret, his decision to perform a quick internet search on making money online, and things went uphill from that point. Who would’ve anticipated that he would be the owner of a digital marketing agency at only 16 years old that turn into a million dollar a year venture by 19?

Szabo put blood, sweat, and tears into becoming the best version of himself to start the business that would eventually become an incredible success, allowing him to work with hundreds of businesses in different industries to help them achieve their digital marketing goals. Although he has since closed the agency to the public, he continues to work privately with some clients while focusing on his latest initiative, Source Hacker. It has documented more than 2900 student success stories and is shaping the lives of others for the better.

“While building a seven-figure advertisement agency is a huge accomplishment of mine, I’ve always had a real passion for helping people through psychology and personal development. So, I decided to start Source Hacker and provide coaching to those who could use the extra assistance. I’m aiming to help people starting from the bottom who want to build generational wealth and live financially secure and comfortable lives,” shared Peter Szabo. “I’m implementing my advice and strategies into a system that works, and I’m living proof of it as someone who dropped out of high school and was broke throughout my childhood. People can learn about my success story and realize that success isn’t too far out of reach for them. As cliche as it may sound, if I could do it as a kid with broken English, then you can do it too.”

Using Memory Flipping strategies to help his clients, he encourages healthier habits and a positive mindset. These things make it easier to achieve goals and get closer to the finish line. As a result, people can address the underlying cause of their problems, most of which comes from memories that stem from childhood. “I’ve worked with over 2900 students and look forward to helping thousands more with my educational courses and professional coaching. While I initially became an entrepreneur to make money for my family, this business has evolved into something much more than that. It’s all about helping other people improve their lives while becoming happier and crushing their goals.”

His genuine concern for his parents’ financial situation and blind courage in going online to look

for ways to make money made it possible for Peter Szabo to become a millionaire. Because of his incredible success, he works hard to spread his knowledge while using his experience to guide others with hopes of helping them achieve the same level of success.