South Africa: Fuel big tanker blast kills somewhere around nine close to the hospital

A massive petrol tanker explosion close to the south African town of Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, has left at least 09 people dead and about 50 injured. 

Patients had to be evacuate from the hospital after the explosion because a section of the roof of the trauma area collapsed.

The truck contained liquefied petroleum gas.

Emergency services spokesperson ”William Ntladi” stated, “Apparently, a gas truck drove beneath the subway bridge and got stuck in there, and because of friction, it caught alight.”

An enormous second explosion seen on amateur footage occurred as firefighters worked to put out the flames and destroyed a fire engine and two cars.

According to AFP, there have been fears that the death toll may increase because 19 individuals are in critical condition, and 15 more are stable but critically injure.

Eyewitness ”Michael Kulinji” told the news agency Reuters that he had seen the fire under the bridge and that the explosion had “more the feel of a bomb.”

According to Reuters, another witness, Jean Marie Booysen, claimed to have seen “immense flames” at around 06:35 local time (04:35 GMT) and thought, “This feels like 6.5 on the Richter.”

Several burn and stunned persons are seen staggering through a residential neighborhood close to the epicenter in footage that was ostensibly shot right after the explosion.