Some easy ways to get healthy gums

Swollen gums are an indication of severe oral condition. If you are suffering from this issue, never fear to visit the dentist. You will be happy to know that painful gums are treatable with immediate care. You have to learn more about this if you desire to treat your sore gums with effective treatment options. If you want to use home remedies, experts are here to help you out. Read on to get started.


Cold and warm compresses

A proven way of relieving painful gums is by using a compress on the gums. You can use a cold or hot compress; whichever you feel comfortable works for you. You have to heat a small amount of water for a hot compress. Water should be lukewarm and not hot. Ensure that the temperature is tolerable. Use a clean cloth for soaking in the water and squeezing it off. Then place it on the face directly over the gum. If you are using a cold compress, you may use an ice pack inside a clean cloth and apply it to your face. Both these options are very effective on gum pain and inflammation.


Rinse with saltwater

Saltwater rinse is another viable home remedy that people often use for painful gums. Saltwater prevents bacterial growth and limits plaque build-up. For this, you have to warm a cup of water and then add one tablespoon of salt. Swish the solution inside your mouth, and then rinse well. Please keep it in your mouth for a few seconds, and then spit it out.


Hydrogen peroxide

For reducing gum inflammation and soothing pain, hydrogen peroxide is helpful. It is an effective agent that kills germs and reduces oral problems. For this, you must make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and swish the solution inside your mouth and keep it for 20 seconds. Spit it out in the sink and rinse the mouth with warm water.



Yes, tea bags in boiling water can help you relieve sore gums. Never use hot water for making the solution. You may use black tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, and not any ordinary tea. Moreover, you can also choose tea with anti-inflammatory properties like ginger and chamomile.


Dental visits

The most effective option when it comes to oral health is to go for a dental check-up. If you feel that home remedies are not helpful, you have to pay a visit to your dentist. The experienced and learned individual in this field is the best person to guide you. Fix an appointment with them for a thorough evaluation of your oral health. They have various treatment options for different oral problems. If you consult Allure Dental TMJ Treatments, they have special and customized treatment for each dental issue. Moreover, they have learned individuals with experience to help you throughout the process.

Of all these options, you have to select the one that suits you best. If you feel that at-home treatment helps, go for it. However, in severe conditions, only a dentist can help you out.